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Pinstripe Magazine, the global leader of male fashion and lifestyle portals is looking for Writers, Journalists, Social Media and Marketing personnel, Photographers, Videographers and more to contribute! Get your work noticed worldwide by our readers and show the world just how talented you really are or how great your products are. Write for Us!

Topics – Getaways, Go-getters, Globetrotters, Gear, Grooming & Gadgets. Other topics – Advice, Contest, Giveaways, Gift Ideas, Mens fashion and accessories.

If you are interested in writing for us or seeing your product on Pinstripe then please register by going to pinstripemag.com/wp-admin

Once you have registered you can simply add your post and images to our site. (Need a dofollow link on post then read our PR Companies section below) We will review and get back to you if the content is not relevant. If the content does target our audience then we will publish it. Please make sure all content posted is original, hasn’t been published anywhere else and images belong to you or are free images, you received permission to use and publish, which we would need to see proof and/or images that will not be considered a copyright infringement.

What We Are Looking For…
We are looking for people who will contribute regularly. This means anything from one story a week all the way up to 5+. We unfortunately can not pay contributors to write for us in terms of monetary payment, however there are multiple benefits to writing for a major online presence like ourselves…

The Benefit To You …
We are seen by readers worldwide (and growing 20% each month), which means your written articles will be seen by literally MILLIONS each and every year… Imagine what this can do for you in terms of a work portfolio to show potential employees. It literally will go out on a global scale, and is one of the greatest personal ads you could place for yourself if you are looking to break into the fashion business, communications, writing or journalism.

We will of course give you your own personal author page on this site, where you can write a brief description about who you are, your likes/dislikes, photo(s) and even work experience. It will be like having an online CV and biography accessible at any time to anyone worldwide!

Who Might Be Interested…
So who might be interested in writing for us?

PR Companies – Have a client you think may be a great fit for our site? Register to write a post that doesn’t sound like an ad or promotion but instead entertains, educates and helps our audience. Every single article will be reviewed first before posting to make sure it is relevant with our target market. Dofollow Links will be considered a sponsored post. If you need a dofollow link or advertorial then contact us via email to further discuss. You can reach our Editor at marv [@} Pinstripemag.com. Also if you would like to send a sample so we can review, please contact our editor.

Business Owners – Have a product you think our readers would want to know about or have a new invention you think the world should read on Pinstripe? Then it is time to register and share with our readers. If you need a dofollow link, please contact our editor at marv {@} pinstirpemag.com. You can further discuss a sponsored post/advertorial with us to see what is the best way to get your product in front of millions.

Students – Those of you who are studying fashion, journalism, English and other related subjects at a university might want to contribute so you can showcase your work across the globe. This would be a great reference for future employers or for your current course.

Potential Fashion Industry Workers – For those of you who want to break into the fashion industry – be it as a designer, blogger, buyer, stylist etc., this is a great way to show people you know about Fashion. By writing interesting and thought provoking articles to our readers each day, it means that you can potentially make a name for yourself within the industry. Plus, we work with a lot of known-name fashion clients on a direct basis.

Models – Again, if you want to show the world you know about the fashion industry and really get your name out there, you can write for us. We will give you your own author page where you can include photos, and a personal bio which anyone can access from anywhere in the world!

Fans of the site – You may have an amazing personal style which gets compliments everywhere you go, or are just known as a fashionable male by your peers. Either way, We would love to hear the thoughts and advice from the “naturals” and the thought process you go through when purchasing items and creating outfits.

Then again… some of you might just want to plain show off to your friends by writing for one of the biggest men’s fashion sites on the Internet!

PinstripeMag.com is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and products in men’s fashion, watches, bikes, cars, gear, gadgets, travel, food, home style, sexy women, movies, female celebrities and all things Guys.

What we are NOT looking for – Please note we are not accepting posts on casinos, medical marijuana/cannabis, erectile-dysfunction, diet or sex pills, pornagraphy or liquor. Please e-mail us if you would like us to consider and further discuss ways you can get those topics published. When emailing us please make sure to include the dofollow links attached to your topic/article.



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