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PinstripeMag.com is an Online Men’s Lifestyle Magazine – A Guy’s Guide on Gear, Grooming, Girls and Gadgets

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Are you a classic man, a connoisseur, a modern man, a debonair man, a high-flyer business man, jet setter or just plain globetrotter than this men’s fashion lifestyle magazine is the site for you.

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Pinstripe Magazine (www.pinstripemag.com) is a free online men’s lifestyle magazine designed to provide men with daily features on subject matter that interests the general male population.

Pinstripe’s mission is to cater to the affluent, fashion conscious age 18-35 male markets. PinstripeMag offer classic and modern men the answer to their prayers: great stories, up to day trends, latest gadgets combined with fantastic pictures of the sexiest women from around the world. Since our debonair male readers are well traveled they not only need to know who’s hot in the US but also Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In order to make Pinstripe Magazine a valuable source for us men we also need and appreciate your help. If you come across something interesting that you think we should cover, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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