6 Tips on How to Secure Your Home

Written by  Audrey Taylor
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Living in the modern age had its perks and one of those is the myriad of solutions you can use to secure your home. People need to feel safe in their homes since that is the place that should give them shelter and sanctuary from the world. However, crime and accidents make a lot of people feel afraid and unprotected, which is something that you never should experience in your own home.

In order to help you be at home in your home, here are tips on how to create a more secure environment that you will feel comfortable in.

1. Get an alarm system

As the most commonly used means to secure people’s homes, alarm systems come in different types and forms. Not only you can connect them to your doors, windows and even entrances for pets, but they can also inform you when someone opened the door. You can connect it to the police station if available, or private security if you can afford it.

However, just their sounding off and turning on the lights will scare off any intruders so the basic installation might be all you need.


2. Install cameras inside and outside

CCTV is one of the reliable systems that will show you who is at the door or has been coming by your home while you weren’t there. You can install cameras on the inside and outside perimeters, with a monitor station connected to your computer or TV device.

It’s a normal standard to install video intercoms on gates today, so see if that may be the only thing you need. The quality of cameras depending on your budget and can be a determining factor to identify the intruders. Most of the CCTV systems allow to rewind the recording several hours and even days back.

3. Use fire alarms

Fires can happen to anyone and while you could predict most of the causes, accidents occur. Installing fire alarms in your home will help you detect the smoke before the fire even started. This is very important since the smoke consists of toxic materials that can cause suffocation and death.

It’s a known fact that most fire victims die from suffocation from fumes then the by the flames. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors will keep your family and pets safe since this is the odorless gas also known as the silent killer.

4. Fence your property

A good fence with a hydraulic gate closer will not only prevent people from trespassing but also protect your children from sneaking out on the busy streets. Fences come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that you can easily adapt to fit your house exterior. The prices vary depending on your needs, but this is a sound investment and first line in securing your home.


5. Use smart appliances and devices

Smart appliances and devices are currently all the rage among the homeowners and you can control the majority of them via an app on your phone. This is a great solution for people who often forget to turn off the lights, appliances and lock the door. With a few taps, you will have the whole house controlled and secured through a Wi-Fi network which will help you prevent accidents and burglaries.

6. Install motion detectors

Motion detectors are perfect for before the door area, yards and in front of the gate. Based on their sensitivity, they can detect movement in the immediate vicinity of the gate or a dozen feet from it. The light should be a bit stronger than usual and visible in the whole neighborhood in order to scare off the intruder.

When it comes to solutions before the door, they don’t have to be that strong, but you can, however, position the lights all around the house. Don’t forget to install a light on your back entrances and garage doors, as well as your terrace and balcony if they are exposed and easily accessible.

All in all

Assess your home before buying and installing any of the safety solutions. The best strategy to secure your home is by knowing its weak points and areas that can present an opportunity for intruders. After all, it’s better to pay a hefty price for a highly efficient protection system, than waste away money on useless ones.