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Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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biker jacket | threads of apollo

Fall is upon us and it is time to look your badass self with a biker jacket or leather aviation jacket. However, these days if you want to buy a great looking leather jacket you have to pay the price or go the vegan route and get something that is not leather like synthetic materials, which are still unable to replicate the unique combination of durability, feel, and beauty of real leather

Well, to solve your problem let us introduce you to Threads of Apollo with their Iconic Leatherwear. What makes their leather so special?


Threads of Apollo Iconic Leatherwear

All of their jackets are made from full-grain sheep leather. They use sheep skin as their leather of choice for three reasons:

It gives a type of leather that isn’t as stiff and is able to stretch out over time. This means that each jacket would be able to conform to an individuals body type and make it unique to them.

The layer of wool that sheep have allow the skin below to be virtually flawless, greatly minimizing the appearance of healed scars, bug bites or other range marks. This allows all their jackets to have a clean, minimalist look to them.

What does the term full-grain really mean to them? It means that they keep the feel and quality of their leather as close to the original hide as possible. Sheep skin is naturally soft and supple. It gives the jackets that luxury feel Threads of Apollo is offering us and calls “high end”.

Threads of Apollo

They also finish with an Aniline finish for the Icarus and Semi-Aniline for the Ares and Achilles. Aniline means that the leather is as close to its natural state without any surface coating. Semi-Aniline, thus, has a bit of coating. The reason for these different finishes has to do with the styles. For example, the leather for a Flight Jacket, like the Icarus, which aged the right way in its color and texture. That could only be done with no surface coating.

Iconic Leatherwear