How to Throw Your Buddy a Bachelor Party

Written by  Mindy
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Planning a Bachelor Party

Planning a Bachelor Party

Is your best friend getting married? Then you’re probably their best man (or, at least, one of their most trusted groomsmen). Having been given that position is an honor, but it also entails a big responsibility to the groom. You’ll need to help out with certain aspects of the wedding and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

One particular task that a best man is expected to do is to organize a bachelor party for the groom. Typically, the best man plans and executes this pre-wedding party with the other groomsmen without letting the groom know. A bachelor party (a.k.a. stag party or stag do) is meant as a surprise for him, after all.

If you need help in planning the party, here are the fundamental steps that you can follow to throw your best buddy a great bachelor party.


Set a Date


Ideally, a bachelor party should be held between two weeks to two months before the wedding to give the groom a little leeway to recover from hangovers or headaches. Don’t do it before the event as that’s just asking for a terrible ending to a supposedly happy occasion.

Also, make sure that everyone important (i.e., the groom and the groomsmen) is available on that day. Allocate maybe a weekend if your party is at a different state.

Of course, since it’s to be kept a secret, don’t directly ask the groom if they’re free for a bachelor party. You can just say that you and the guys are getting together for something special and that it’d be really cool if he (the groom) could make it.


Pick a Destination


Now that you have a general idea of when your troop will be available, you should next choose where to go. Your destination may influence your budget and your activities. That’s why it’s recommended that you go where there are a lot of options for fun activities.

For example, a bachelor party in Las Vegas can benefit from the city’s various attractions. Even if your group isn’t big on betting, there are other things to do in Vegas aside from gambling.


Bachelor Party


Choose Whom to Invite


Don’t limit your bachelor party to just the groom and his groomsmen. A party is more enjoyable if there are more people around, so invite those who are close to the groom and who are at least a good friend to them. However, you may want to avoid individuals who may make the party awkward like people who aren’t in good terms with each other.

A large group may often be more cost-effective as some establishments give discounts to groups. Besides, you’ll be pooling your resources together to make it happen, so the more people coming along, the more money in the pot.


Consult the Groom


A bachelor party is meant for the groom; thus, it needs to be within his taste. Though you may already have an idea of what his preferences are, given that you’re his best friend, you may still want to ask him if there’s something new he wants to try out.

If you’re still keeping the party a secret from him, you may want to ask the bride or the groom’s relatives to help you out with this step.


Bachelor Party


Decide on a Budget


A groom should never pay for his own bachelor party—even for his fare, food, and hotel room. All expenses should be covered by the groomsmen and those who’ll be going. Brace yourself for it because, typically, it’s the best man who pays the most.

Thus, if you’re not too keen on punching a hole through your pockets, establish a manageable budget for the party. If money’s tight even after chipping in your resources with the rest of the gang, just focus on giving your groom the best experience. It’s his party, after all.


Call Establishments in Advance


Making reservations is optional, but it can be important especially if you’re having a big party and are going somewhere that’s a hot spot destination for tourists and partygoers. By reserving hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. for your group, you can avoid long waiting lines and give your groom more time to enjoy his party.

You could also inform establishments what the occasion is. Some can give a courtesy treat for your groom, like a congratulatory message or a bottle of wine on the house.


planning a bachelor party


Always Be on Top of Things


During the course of the party, you may have to contend with problems like a guest getting too drunk early or an argument between friends over pineapple pizza.

Your job is to diffuse those situations and deflect them from the groom. He should never have to stress over those issues.

If you need help, you can pair people up in a buddy system and have them be responsible for their partner’s well-being. You, of course, will be in charge of the groom’s, being the best man that you are.




These seven steps will lead to an awesome bachelor party. Follow these so you can guarantee a great time for your groom. And remember, always keep the party centered on him. All the other guests are expendable to a degree.