Eight Proposal-Worthy Engagement Rings

Written by  Mindy
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Proposal-Worthy Engagement Rings

Eight Proposal-Worthy Engagement Rings Your Girl Will Definitely Say “Yes” To

Picking engagement rings is possibly the second most difficult part of proposing (the actual proposal being the hardest). It requires loads of research, several trips to jewelry stores, and a whole lot of sneaking around to find the perfect ring for your partner.

There are so many things to consider—the stone, the band, your partner’s ring size, and their preferences—that it can take weeks or months to pick the right ring. Diamond, emerald, ruby, moissanite, sapphire, these are only some of the popular gemstones for engagement rings. You also need to pick the metal band. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and titanium are among the metals to choose from.

With so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming for a regular person who knows nothing about jewelry (except that it’s shiny and pricey). That’s why you’re reading this list of proposal-worthy and affordable diamond rings that your partner will surely love.

This beautiful 14-karat white gold engagement ring has a 0.75-carat round-cut diamond as a centerpiece. The center diamond has a very good rating, which is close to the ideal cut. Mounted on the one side are twenty smaller diamonds, weighing 0.25 carats, while the other side has nineteen diamonds. Get it here for $770.99.

This lovely 14K rose gold ring is mounted with nineteen natural diamonds. With a cut rating of very good, the 0.35-carat asscher-cut diamond elegantly sparkles in the center. Eighteen smaller round-cut diamonds, weighing 0.15 carats, surrounds the centerpiece, giving the otherwise simple ring a more luxurious look. Give this rosy ring to your sweetheart for $770.99.

One of the favorite choices for jewelry, platinum is lauded for its durability, rarity, and pure white sheen, which never fades or becomes tainted over time. When combined with diamonds, the platinum ring makes for an impressive show of a love and commitment that are as solid as the metal and the stones on it.

This regal platinum ring has forty-four diamonds, with a 0.35-carat center stone; twenty-eight smaller diamonds, weighing 0.65 carats; and fifteen other side diamonds, weighing 0.20 carats. Buy it here for $1,375.99.Rose gold is made from the combination of pure gold and copper alloy. Contrary to popular belief, the color has been in fashion since the 1940s. Rose gold is a popular choice among the millennial generation perhaps because of its timeless yet modern appeal. This band is made from 14K rose gold with fifteen diamonds. The center stone weighs 0.35 carats while the two side diamonds weigh 0.75 carats in total. The twelve smaller stones along the band weigh 0.30 carats. This pretty pink ring is available for $1,544.99.Simple yet elegant, this diamond ring is perfect for those who like to keep it subtle. Although the design is not as bold as some, this ring has a total of sixty-six round-cut diamonds. The center stone weighs 0.80 carats, with a cut rating of very good, while the surrounding smaller diamonds weigh 0.55 carats. The plain 14K yellow-gold tiffany band gives the center a delicate flowerlike look. Buy this ring for $1,862.99.This intricately wrought ring has a 0.55-karat center diamond with a cut rating of very good. The main attraction is surrounded by smaller sparkles, six smaller diamonds weighing 0.10 carat and the other thirty-six stones weighing 0.80 carats. The diamonds are mounted on an elegant 14-karat yellow-gold band, with tiny pearl-shaped gold pieces lining the graceful swirls on each side. Get this ring for $1,918.89.A diamond ring that’s fit for royalty, this captivating piece of jewelry has fifty-five diamonds mounted on a 14-karat yellow-gold band. The center diamond has a very-good-rated princess cut and weighs 0.80 carats. Ten side stones weigh 0.45 carats, while the other forty-four weigh 0.55 carats. This ring is available for $2,024.99.For the beloved who can’t resist beautiful sparkles, this magnificent 14K white gold ring has a total of forty semimounted diamonds. The center diamond is an impressive 1.50-carat round-cut diamond with a very-good-rated cut while the thirty-nine side stones weigh 0.40 carats. This show stealer is available for $4,893.99.


Before You Go . . .

An engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of the next step in your relationship, but it’s not what the proposal is all about. Don’t be too pressured to get a sparkling huge ring. Your love is not measured by the size of the diamond you put on your partner’s finger. What matter most are the sincerity of your feelings and your loyalty and commitment to your partner. Instead of the ring, put your best effort and thoughts for the person who’s going to wear it.