Men’s Style: What to Wear On Important Occasions

Written by  RonaldWolf
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dress like a gentlemanMany may think that men’s fashion and style are simple. However, that is a common misconception and one that is more and more apparent in the everyday life.

The 21st-century men like to take care of themselves. They grow beards and care for them with lotions, oils, their haircuts are carefully designed, and they forsake the rugged look that ruled the last century’s male style scene.

This also means that their taste in clothes is better and more refined, even though some of the outfits are deliberately trying to appear dishevelled. With all the new trends in mind, here is the list of some of the attires considered fashionable and appropriate for important occasions.


  • Night out


Planning a night out with the guys will also take some special style changes from the one you use every day. This doesn’t mean you will have to change your look completely, but just add some panache. For example, if wear a lose tie with a long sleeved shirt that you can later roll up. This casual, yet classy look is the basic style you should go to when you’re out of ideas.

Buy some trendy and quality shoes which will keep you comfortable all night. However, lose the jeans and opt for darker tones and other materials than denim. Pairing up pants with slim end with some quality faux leather booths is an excellent look for the man who is confident and fashion aware.


  • Cocktail parties


Usually, organisers of the formal parties let the invitees know if it’s the black-tie event. This means that you are expected to wear a suit with a black tie and nothing else. While this may sound boring, it is far from that and can even allow you some wiggle room if you feel like being rebellious.

Add some vibrant coloured handkerchief to your suit, and choose a narrower black tie. Choose the suit model that is appropriate for your body shape, and avoid choosing the jacket sizes that are a bit small that you can’t button it up. The shoes should be classic, yet appropriate for formal events unlike boots, snickers or moccasins can be.  


  • Business meeting


We all know that business world expects us to wear certain clothes while others are more appropriate for off-work hours. However, the business world today added some new attire options and broadens the men’s choice in clothing. The basic suit idea is still available, only that now you can use different styles and even don’t match pants to the jackets.

Carrying wrist watches is still fashionable and presentable, as is a briefcase only in a more flexible, over-the-shoulder design. Be careful with the shirt colour though, since some shades may make you look aggressive like red or black. Navy blue and white shirts are a classic, but add some other pastel versions of the purple, green and yellow to boost your style.   


  • Weddings


You can come to a wedding in two forms: as a groom or a guest. Some weddings may be very formal so in both cases, you’ll be wearing tuxedos, but others may be more flexible. As a groom, you are in the same position as the bride even though we all think they have it easy.

Your wedding outfit matters, no matter if you have a registry wedding Sydney county offers or a traditional one overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If it’s a warm day, choose a tuxedo made from lighter but sturdier materials. Wear a vest since they will slim your figure and make you more dashing. A tie is appropriate, but bows had their big comeback a few years back, so they will look great for the wedding. Don’t forget to add some personal touch to the look, like a handkerchief in the tux pocket or interestingly coloured shoes.   

Less formal weddings will also make all eyes on you, only this time you can wear snickers which is very popular among the movie stars on the red carpets. Instead of deciding upon the simple and un-textured fabrics, use the ones with some details like tiny dots or even stripes. This will make your attire a little bit casual, but you’ll still be the man of the hour.

In the end

Define your own style by integrating what you like with what is appropriate for certain occasions. Dress codes can make it all look boring, but actually, it helps you narrow down the attires and easily discover your personal style. This is a great time to try new fashion and trends for men with so many different designs available to choose from.