The Dependable Guide to Buying Hip Hop Jewelry – 8 Tips

Written by  carolcombs
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When it comes to men’s fashion, the fashion gurus have spoken, and bling is seriously in! Whether it’s custom-made grills, as advertised by your favorite celebrities and rappers, or everyday statement pieces like glamorous eyewear or sophisticated watches, hip hop jewelry for men seems to be in vogue this season. We have curated eight helpful tips from experts to help you plan your next shopping spree to upgrade your look-book.

1- Shine and shimmer

The whole point of the typical hip hop attire is to blend the non-conformist baggy pants and hoodies with gold, silver and diamond elements in your jewelry. Do not shy away from statement pieces, and try to construct the rest of your outfit around them. The gold Jesus pendant, for example, styled on an 8 mm Cuban link chain, would make for an amazing combination for a night out on the town. If a minimalistic accessorizing style is more up your alley, then a Gold Moon & Star Necklace from the is the chosen one for you.

2- Simplistic chains

Contrary to popular belief, sober and simple chains can be an equally capable standalone accessory, if styled correctly. They are best suited to gala evenings and dinners, where going all out on the glitz might not be the best idea. Instead, try styling a three-piece plaid suit, with a cuban link chain silver, and clear gold and black glasses, for a well-put-together outfit. If you are feeling a bit bold, the gold retro round frame grey lens glasses or 14k gold square lemonade canary earrings might just give your look that extra boost to set you apart from the crowd.

3- All about the eyes

They weren’t kidding when they said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Good eyewear, suited to the occasion, the complexion of the wearer, and his facial structure and shape can go a long way in sprucing up your look. It can add considerable weightage to an otherwise plain and boring getup. For instance, the large white oval sun glasses, as endorsed by none other than Wiz Khalifa, are quirky and can be paired with almost everything in your wardrobe. However, the retro gold flame flip sun glasses, undoubtedly, take home the trophy for the coolest eyewear fashion.

4- Glam up your wrist

A bare wrist simply won’t do in 2018. The wristwatch has long been one of the most integral articles of men’s jewelry and accessories, and this year, they seem to have gone all out in their quest to carve out a niche market in the hip hop jewelry industry. Of course, you could never go wrong with infallible classics, like a stainless steel luxury watch with a prominent round dial. It wouldn’t, however, hurt to go big for a change and try out eye-catching pieces, like the white gold big face watch or the rose gold presidential watch. Bracelets, underrated as they may be, would also do a bang-on job of upping the oomph factor of your appearance. Of course, the good old chain and bejeweled bracelets will never go out of style, but nothing screams trendsetter like a quality beaded bracelet with a powerful piece, like a gold lion head, at its center.

5- Jesus and cross statements

The whole movement associated with hip hop began as a form of political protest, with religion being of special significance. Statement pieces, such as the Jesus piece silver, have been around for long, but it’s only recently that they are being touted as the highlights of the outfit. Here’s an essential point to be kept on the frontlines of your memory when trying to incorporate bejeweled pendants and necklaces into your – keep the remnant of your outfit simple so as not to draw attention away from the statement piece of your ensemble or go overboard.

6- Styling pendants and necklaces

Chains, pendants and necklaces are the most commonly chosen accessories when it comes to men. It’s not as simple as it seems through. There needs to be a perfect balance between your clothes and your accessories, and just because the two are individually great does not mean that they will pair well together. So, if you are opting for a 10k gold cuban link chain with a micro Jesus piece, make sure that your outfit is either monochromatic or, at the very least, leaning towards the darker spectrum of the color palette, and ideally, without any exaggerated prints or patterns.

7- Avant-garde combinations

While most would play it safe with tried and tested looks, if you are a man, who likes a good challenge, going avant-garde might be an interesting change of pace. There’s literally tons you could do with good jewelry, the right accessories, and clothes that fit your specific style of aesthetic. There’s plenty of great new pieces, like the gold green jade Buddha pendant necklace that’s guaranteed to make you the center of attention in the room. The great thing about avant-garde, though, is that there is no right or wrong combination; it’s the element of the good kind of surprise that you should really focus on.

8- Customize what you wear

When it comes to jewelry for men, you could opt for the understated, classic look, with regular cut diamonds for your ear studs, an 18k gold Cuban link chain, and an elegant luxury watch to go with your formals. Or, crank it up a notch by settling for nothing less than customized pieces to suit your individual taste, instead of settling for off-the-rack pieces. Of course, the latter might lead to a bit of a pocket pinch, but when you think about it as a one-time investment in a non-depreciating asset like jewelry, it’s actually quite a profitable deal. You will have to work intimately with designers and jewelry technicians to figure out the final outcome of your collective efforts.

Concluding remarks

It’s always a great idea to figure out your unique choice of style before proceeding to buy jewelry. Whether you choose to make your clothes or your bling the headliner of your appearance is your personal choice, but you must always strive to ensure that they are never at conflict with one another, but are instead working in sync to enhance your overall look.