The Best Cases for Your iPhone 8

Written by  taradesquitado
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iPhones are typically durable but when they do get damaged, the repairs can be lengthy and expensive. For the new iPhone 8 series, which showcases a glass backside, the servicing can be difficult and can even cost more than a screen replacement does.

With that reality, it’s important that iPhone 8 owners get a decent casing that can adequately protect their handset. How rugged and protective that case should be all depends on the user’s smartphone habits and how careful they are with their phone.


Moshi iGlaze Series


A manufacturer of stylish mobile accessories, Moshi is one of the more established smartphone case and accessory makers out there right now. The iGlaze case series has been a consistent hit among handset owners, so it’s no surprise that they’ve also released a version for the iPhone 8 line-up.

Boasting a tried-and-tested design, the Moshi iGlaze case is a minimalist but durable solution if you’re looking for protective iPhone cases.


Lifeproof Fre Series


If you’re looking for a more rugged casing that can withstand a lot of punishment, then Lifeproof’s Fre cases should be at the top of your list.

This extremely durable case features waterproofing of up to two meters deep for an hour. It’s also rated to survive drops from two meters high. It’s also dustproof, dirtproof, and snowproof. The Fre also comes in various colors and is bundled with a one-year limited warranty.


Otterbox Defender Series


The Otterbox brand is synonymous with protection. As one of the most reputable smartphone-case makers in the world, Otterbox prides itself on building the toughest casings. The Defender Series is its most acclaimed product line, featuring a triple-layer drop-proof system.

While it’s not as slim as its other counterparts, the Defender case guarantees that your iPhone is protected from damaging drops and shocks. It also comes with a versatile holster attachment that can double as a kickstand.


Urban Armor Gear Plyo


Looking for a protective case that has sufficient bump protection, is slim and lightweight, and doesn’t cover the natural beauty of your iPhone? The Urban Armor Gear Plyo is the solution for your needs.

This crystal-clear case features scratch-resistant technology and has extra corner bumpers that afford limited shock protection. The case meets military drop-test standards without sacrificing portability and bulk.


Sena Snap-on Wallet Case


Featuring a “Duroflex drop-safe” frame and wrapped in full-grain leather, the Sena Snap-on Wallet Case is as suave as it is shock-absorbent. Its slim, minimalist design comes with precision cutouts and covered buttons. If you’re looking for a no-frills wallet-and-case combination, look no further.


Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case


Combining style with function, the Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case boasts a premium leather shell with extra pockets. Its interior is lined with microfiber so that your handset doesn’t get scratched while inside. The case is clearly designed for fashion, but it does have some protective features to keep your smartphone comfy.


Nomad Horween Leather Folio Wallet


Made from premium leather, the Nomad Horween Leather Folio Wallet combines your wallet with your smartphone case, reducing the bulk of your pocket. This stylish case has protective features such as raised edges and a full-wrap construction with a polycarbonate frame. If you’re looking for a case that screams authentic American leather, then this is the one for you.


Your choice is the best choice


While there is a broad array of options when it comes to iPhone cases, it is your own preference and style that matters. Each user has his own way of using his phone. Evaluate whether this certain case matches your lifestyle and meets your specifications. This list, along with the many others, only serves as a guide but it may help you decide which case is worth every penny.