Stop whatever is stopping you !

Written by  litboy.in
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LIVE, just don’t exist!

I am here today advising the youth on how to kick out the negativity which has lately not just bothering them but also becoming the biggest hurdle on their journey of the ‘Dream Life’.


Well almost everyday I come across questions like these from a lot of us –
I don’t know what I’m going to do in future


Don’t know where to start from?

AND even

I am very confused, not sure what is right for me?
The answer to all of these and to even similar frequent unevenness that runs in today’s youth is only one –

Be a better version of yourself

Everything is ahead and right in front of us, we just have to trust ourselves and put in efforts till we reach whatever we were looking for. Life is eventful, just the time is fixed. And the whole journey has same importance as that of the end as of the beginning.

“There is no particular pattern or secret way to success, it’s all actually inside us.”

How can we win if we’ve already settled with defeat?
Suppose if a person ‘x’ is struggling with anything in life, his perceptions will change from ‘natural’ to ‘low esteemed’ which makes him struggle more and maybe throughout his life.

I think the problem with us (humans) is we don’t normally listen to whatever suggestions and advices we get from others and just keep doing whatever thing we were into back in time which again makes life more worse. And until we become a ‘whore’ of failure, we do not change.

Note : By ‘we’ I am referring to most of us but definitely not all. (People get offended easily these days)

So I just have request from you all, please do not fear anything or any thought that come to your mind.

Tell all your problems to stop bothering you because you’ll not DIE from them.

Be a Go-Getter and not a No-Never!

Akbar Dippty.
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