Should You Shave Against The Grain?

Written by  Isaac Atia
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It has been hundreds of years since men started shaving. There have been many developments since then. Razors are used by men and women both to remove unnecessary hair.

Shaving is the easiest and painless method to remove hair. Nowadays people use a trimmer to give shape to their beard but if you want to look clean-shaven then a razor is more suited. Shaving is often preferred to other forms of hair removal as it is painless and you get the virtually hairless look.

As the disposable razors were introduced, everyone could afford now afford them and they are safer than going to these parlors and barbers.

Few Tips to Get a Better Shave

We are going to discuss few things that you need to do before you shave. If you follow these tips than your shave will be perfect and you won’t have to suffer from cuts and abrasions.

1) Taking a shower

Before shaving remember to take a shower. Taking a warm shower will help in softening your hair. This will make it really easy for you to remove your hair when you shave. This is especially for those of you who want to remove the hair totally.

2) Using a face scrub

Exfoliating your face will help you in getting rid of all the dirt and pollution stuck to your face. Sensitive skin often gets ingrown hair and this can be overcome by using an exfoliator.

3) Using a shaving cream

Using a shaving cream will help in softening your hair and this will make it easier for you to shave. Shaving cream also protects your skin as it soothes irritated skin and acts as a barrier when you are shaving.

4) Don’t press too hard

While shaving we tend to press too hard because we think that by doing this we will get a close shave. This is not true at all; all you will get are cuts and burns. You should instead shave lightly.

5) Clean your razor

Don’t use a shaving razor that is not clean and still has hair in from the last shave. Always clean your razor and change it after every 10 to 15 shaves. If you are using an electric shaver, simply do a general clean for it once a week.

6) Use SPF

After shaving always use sunscreen because your skin gets really sensitive and so it can easily get sunburn.

7) Don’t try to be quick

We have all heard the tale of the rabbit and the turtle, thus you should use it in your life too. Don’t try to hurry when you are shaving because instead of being fast you will have burns and cuts. Try to steadily shave.

Advantages of Shaving Against the Grain

Everything has its pros and cons. We are going to discuss the advantages of shaving against the grain.

1) Gives you a smooth look

If you are going out for the night and you want your face to look smooth then you can shave against the grain as that gives cuts the hair closely. It all depends on the priorities; everyone deserves to look their absolute best. After shaving you can use an aftershave that will stop the itchiness and the burns.

2) Shaving against the grain is faster

Shaving against the grain is faster than shaving with the grain because you will only have to shave once and even all the small hair will be removed. Same is not the case with shaving with grain, when you shave with the grain, you will have to check for the hair that is left and you will have to concentrate on them.

3) The hair will be cut closely

When you shave against the grain, you will get a full shave look. If looking good is what you want them I suggest you to shave against the grain.

The Disadvantages of Shaving Against the Grain

Shaving against the grain has a lot of advantages but it also has some negative aspects that we are going to look into.

1) You get ingrown hair

Ingrown hair also known as razor bumps is a quite common problem of people who shave. When you shave you cut your hair from above but the hair in the follicle still remains.

When your hair starts growing again, the ingrown hair does not grow where it is supposed to, instead it grows sideways. This is a common problem for people who shave against the grain.

2) Painful bumps and razor burns

If your hair pattern is complex then you should shave with the grain. This way you will be saved from the painful bumps that happen because of shaving against your hair pattern and also from razor burns.

Razor burns can be treated at home, you can use a topical cream or you can use any other home remedies, for example, such as apple cider vinegar. Razor burns because itchiness and pain and the biggest cause of razor burns are shaving against the grain.

3) Leaving your face irritated and sensitive

Shaving against the grain can make your skin look smooth but what most people are not aware of is that your skin gets really sensitive and irritated. This irritation can cause itchiness and burning sensation.

The Advantages of Shaving with the Grain

1) No threat of ingrown hair and burns

When you shave with the grain then you would not have to worry about ingrown hair as the hair follicles won’t be disturbed. You will be cutting the hair on your face in a natural way.

2) The chances of cuts will decrease

The chances of you experiencing rashes, skin irritation and cuts will be less because you won’t be using too much force while shaving and you won’t destroy your hair growth pattern.

Our Final Take

In conclusion, I would suggest you shave with the grain as that is more beneficial for you than going against your hair growth. You can get a closer shave with going with the grain too if you follow the above-mentioned tips, and you should change your razor to one blade.

Hope this article proved helpful for you. If you found this informational, then please do comment and share.