Mens 2018 Summertime Fashion Trends Blog

Written by  carolcombs
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mens-summer-fashion-trends-2018Fashion doesn’t have to fade as the temperatures rise. Summer 2018 is already on its way, and the hottest fashion trends of the season are making an appearance. Whether you’re a busy professional or an urban creative, this guide to mens 2018 summertime fashion can enhance your wardrobe and have you looking your best whatever the weather. 

Luxury Sneakers 

Keeping it casual doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style. This summer, expect stylish men everywhere to be wearing sneakers with a twist. Think minimalist leather sneakers from MOBS Design, which allow you be comfortable without looking tacky. Mens luxury shoes aren’t always formal, and a pair of upgraded sneakers can push your style to the next level. A pair of low-cut sneakers in a bold color will allow you to stand out for all the right reasons. Best of all, sneakers can give your feet a break and make it a breeze to stay active all summer long. 

Round Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a must each and every summer. In 2018, be prepared to see more and more round frames on men and women alike. Small, round frames are especially popular, and you can pick from a wide range of colors and styles. If you’re going for a pair of round sunglasses that work for an outdoor wedding, consider a tortoiseshell frame. If you really want to make a splash and you’ll be having some fun at a beer garden or a music festival, grab some colorful frames and really make a splash. Definitely invest in a carrying case for your glasses to prevent them from breaking when you head indoors. 

Ripped Light Denim Jeans 

Jeans are a fashion staple for men whatever the year and whatever the season. However, the style, color and fit can vary a lot. This summer, hit the right note with ripped light denim jeans. Light denim doesn’t mean acid washed, but a lighter shade makes it more appropriate for hot temperatures. A few casual rips near the knees, especially in a skinny cut, gives the jeans a modern look. True fashion icons might gravitate toward more exaggerated rips for a daring statement, but pick the level that works best for you and your personal style. 

Knee-Length Shorts 

It’s not exactly a surprise to find shorts on a list of 2018 men’s fashion trends. To ensure that your shorts are a stylish choice this summer, opt for knee-length shorts with a slim fit. In years past, shorter cuts were preferred, but now a slim, skinny cut is the way to go. Jorts are making a surprising comeback, but the key is to pair them with something that gives the outfit a little edge. A pair of knee-length denim shorts with rolled cuffs and a slim-fit band T-shirt is a grown up take on summer casual. 


Bracelets are a simple but effective way to shake up your normal style. In years past, wearing a collection of bracelets on your arm probably meant you had just come back from a surfing vacation in Indonesia. Today, it’s just an attractive way to customize your look. While a single bracelet is a fun place to start, three or more bracelets is even better. Choose different but complementary colors, and stick to decorating one wrist at a time. Bracelets can be worn with a casual look, but sneaking a few underneath a formal suit ensures that your individuality stands out amongst a sea of black or navy blue. 

Light Colored T-Shirts 

T-shirts are a summer staple, but steer away from dark colors in 2018. Although dark T-shirts can be acceptable at night, they are too hot for a daytime look. Light colored T-shirts are a much better option. Keep in mind that light colors don’t automatically mean pastel, which can look a little preppy for some men. Instead, look for washed out, vintage-style T-shirts in muted shades of green, blue, gray or red. While statement T-shirts are also in this year, don’t mix the two. Statement tees look best on a bold background, while light colored T-shirts are a more muted approach. 

Patterned Short-Sleeved Shirts 

When you’re looking for a cool, comfortable look that exists somewhere between a T-shirt and a formal, long-sleeved button-down, opt for a patterned short-sleeve shirt. You can button it up or wear it open over a T-shirt, so the look is versatile. When it comes to picking patterns, steer clear of anything that looks like it belongs on a Hawaiian beach vacation. Dark background with small, colorful floral motifs or even geometric prints are a popular option. Paired with some knee-length denim shorts, round sunglasses and a pair of upscale sneakers, and you’ll be ready for anything summer has in store. 

This summer, don’t let the heat wilt your style. These fashion trends can guide you as you upgrade your wardrobe and stay cool even when the mercury is climbing.