From The Man Cave to The Man Spa

Written by  bettyboop
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massage in NJMen, it’s ok. You can come out of your man cave.  And into the man spa.

Men may not talk about it much, but men crave and need to spa just as much as women. A 2015 MensHealth article cites that the International Spa Association reported that 47% of spa goers in 2014 were men, “a big increase from the 30% of recent years.”

While the metrosexual may have been replaced by the muscular spornosexual, underneath it all, men suffer from tight muscles, neck and shoulder knots, bad backs, and dare we say the “P”word? Pores. Some clogged. Some not. But that pretty boy face still needs some facial pampering. Or a good couple of strong hands slathering moisturizer on it.

The good news for you: Man spas are near you. And they cater to your manly grooming needs. From ear candling to remove wax build-up to facials to massages, you can even get your man nails did, and pedi those feet. And if you insist, there is also waxing available at some man spas.

If the above doesn’t appeal to you, it might after you read about some out-of-this-man-cave-world spa treatments that are men-only.

Remember the Men’s Health article? Well, that article is about six weird treatments. Ready?

Indonesia offers a “snake massage.” Touch your man boob (for superstitious reasons). The great news is that it’s only $36. Yes, US dollars. At the time of the article, it was the “latest massage therapy treatment…[where] giant pythons…slither all over you…as you lay down on your back.”

Chicago offers a “Bourbon massage;” and in California, you’ll find treatments ranging from a “Beer Bath” to “Baller Massages” to a “Lash Perm”. In New Jersey you will find the only place to specialize in Trigger Point Massage.  If you are just looking for a great massage to relax and relieve all those knots from lifting, stress and more then we suggest Health in Hands Spa in Hoboken & Montclair, NJ.

After the spa, hit the man cave.