Crazy Wedding Ideas Men Would Love

Written by  NinaSimons
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Let’s face it; organizing a wedding celebration means a lot of work! Sometimes it can be very time consuming and stressful but at the end, if you plan it well, you are going to have a time of your life! So here are some crazy and original ideas to take your mind off planning stress, which you are simply going to love.

A cake for the groom

Pick a specific “grooms” cake for your wedding celebration. Whether it is a sports team crest cake or a Star Wars inspired one it will certainly surprise your guest and you will show off your playful personality! You can also add a fun cake topper like the one where the groom’s figurine grabs bride’s butt for an extra fun surprise.

Superhero details

Intertwining comic book motives into your wedding theme is a great way to surprise your guests and make a twist in a classic wedding celebration. You can create a bar where superhero adult beverages are served and let all your friends have fun with choosing a superhero cocktail and make their inner child happy (and tipsy).

star wars lego wedding

Building blocks of childhood

Organize tables by numbers and use Lego blocks to enumerate them. This will not only emphasize your playful personality but also make the bride, the groom and the guests very happy. Almost as much as the kids that will get to play with the blocks!

DIY guestbook

Make a Polaroid guest book so that your guests can fill it in. Get lots and lots of Polaroid film and let them take photos, glue their goofy outtakes in your guestbook and leave a memorable message next to them.

DJ hire

His & hers music mix

Create a memorable surprise for your loved one and opt for a popular DJ hire to surprise invitees with a great choice of music in a brides & grooms special wedding mix! Dance the night away and let your wedding party be the best party in your life!

Hire a rad food truck

Hire a food truck for your wedding party and create a specific relaxed atmosphere. Inspire your guests not to follow formalities and grab some fast food from the truck!

Personal craft beer bar

In addition to a food truck, a fun way to surprise your friends is to have a beer bar with several different craft beers to choose. Everybody is going to adore this (among many other things obviously) especially the beer-lovers that will enjoy the good fresh glass of craft beer.

wedding men beer

DIY confetti

Let your guest make their own confetti combo. Make a special place in the reception area where your guests will have the chance to play a bit while creating their own unique confetti combination to pop at the after ceremony party. And don’t forget the glitter, everybody’s going to love the glitter and confetti!

Boys will be boys for sure

Have a ball pit in your venue and let the boys be boys!  It is so much fun to jump around, feeling like a child again, and forgetting about everything else, simply focusing on having fun. Show your spouse a fun side of a wedding party planning and enjoy playing like a child.

Also, having a bouncy castle is a fun way to add a touch of edginess and playfulness to your summer outdoor wedding party. And on the plus side, both you and the guests, as well as all the kids, will have so much fun bouncing in the rhythm of an awesome playlist.

ice cream

Ice cream dessert table

Besides the cake that is an unavoidable custom at a wedding party, you can also display an ice cream bar for your guests. It is a perfect option for summer weddings and everybody’s going to love it, not only the bride and the groom. Place a toppings bar and let your guest make their own combination to cool down and continue dancing!

These are all simple things you can include in your wedding party planning and not mess with the theme of he celebration. They are easy to intertwine and will for sure make your guest feel special and your spouse feel appreciated. After all, it is your wedding, you should choose whatever you think its cool and fun.