7 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Watch

Written by  colinfox
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luxury timepiece

All investments are expensive, but you can’t let that scare you away from the purchase of a designer watch. In buying a luxury timepiece, you get more value for your money than you can imagine, and rather than depreciating, your watch will become more valuable over time. If that isn’t enough to convince you to splurge, here are a few more reasons to invest in a watch before you invest in anything else.

1. You Get to Show Off

Whether you call it swag, suavity, or simple style, everyone wants it. You buy a Ferrari or a Jaguar, and you drive it through the neighborhood to show your boys. The same urge occurs when you have a tasteful timepiece strapped to your wrist. There are cachet and prestige associated with designer and luxury goods. Post Malone raps about his Audemars Piguet because he wants everyone to know he has one. You might not have the opportunity to drop a spit devoted to your watch, but you’ll almost certainly wish that you could.

A watch is subtle, however, where a luxury car is ostentatious. With a timepiece, you have the option of showing off without strutting like a peacock. Believe it or not, a fine watch can imbue you with a sense of quiet self-confidence that carries through in everything you do.

2. Quality Counts

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best – until it does. Luxury timepieces are classified as such because they go above and beyond the mere act of keeping time. Any watch can do that. A Timex can do that. Where Timex can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, however, high-quality designer watches are instant heirlooms. They will keep time for centuries, in large part because they’re designed by skilled horologists using the finest cogs and gears. For example, it can take up to two years to piece together a single Patek Philippe timepiece. These are watches that will not only last you a lifetime; if properly cared for, they can last generations.

3. Accessorizing Is Important

Everyone needs to accessorize. Most people enjoy it. Unfortunately, there are fewer opportunities for men to complement their aesthetic with accessories. Watches allow you to reveal details about your signature style, though. If you feel like you can’t get away with wearing any other type of jewelry, then a watch strikes the perfect balance. It acts as a statement piece, capable of making casual outfits appear more formal and adding a refined touch to formal attire.

4. Timepieces Are Timeless

Nearly everything goes out of fashion at some point. What’s stylish today is often declasse tomorrow. Dressing well and accessorizing appropriately are expensive as a result. Watches are always standout pieces, however. Whether you strap it to your wrist or opt for a throwback aesthetic with a sophisticated pocket watch, you never have to worry that your watch will go out of favor by next season. That simply doesn’t happen with functional jewelry, provided that it’s well-made and tasteful, of course.

5. It’s Unique

Sporty plastic watches are a dime a dozen, as are metal-plated pieces. They’re mass-manufactured. That takes away their value even more than the materials that make them. Fewer luxury watches are manufactured, which makes each one special, if not quite a one-of-a-kind. The odds of running into someone with a watch exactly like yours are small, almost negligible. You have the opportunity to stand out from your peers by merely owning something that not everyone else has the chance to buy.

6. It’s a Genuine Investment

Luxury watches are investments, and not just because of their cost. Impeccable workmanship is value. The intricate parts and pieces that compose your timepiece are practically priceless on their own, and they increase in value over time.

7. It’s an Heirloom

Since designer watches stand strong over time, they often get passed down from one generation to the next. Even now, you have to realize that you’re wearing a piece of history on your arm. You don’t get that with a sports watch.

You might have to save up to afford a luxury timepiece, but if style, history, and craftsmanship are important to you, then you’ll agree it’s a worthwhile investment. You can wear it every day without affecting its value, it will inspire admiration and envy, and again, nothing beats that quiet confidence.