Build the Habits and the Look of a True Alpha Male

Written by  Scarlet Gratton
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Alpha Male

It’s not just the monster-like physique that made Tom Hardy the perfect Bane or the suave smile that made Tom Cruise the Top Gun icon that he is. Nor are the muscles everything that makes Dwayne the Rock Johnson, or the voice of Morgan Freeman, and yet, these gentlemen are the personification of manhood in all its pride and glory.

It’s their entire attitude, the way they present themselves, the way they take care of themselves, and their unwavering confidence. Although one cannot transform into Tom Hardy overnight (unfortunately), we sure as hell can do our brawny best to draw out the alpha that lies within us all.

Take charge

That doesn’t mean ordering for your date unless you know that’s something she enjoys. Much more importantly, it means that your entire life should be a reflection of your decisive, leading mindset. No woman will find a man attractive if his mom still picks out his shirts, and cooks for him on a regular basis. When you live a life designed by you, for you, then you can bask in your own accomplishments.

Although we no longer live in the era when we are all handymen with skills to build our own boats (hello, Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs), nothing beats a man with skills in his hands to fix, make, and break. Be a problem-solver, and take initiative, don’t wait to be asked to fix something. That’s just rude.

Neat is sexy

Neat is sexy

Even when nobody’s watching! No room and no excuse for armpit fuzz (a bit is fine, but still has to be neat), or messy beards. With access to everything from husky lumberjack shirts, classy evening jackets, to beard oils (yes, that’s a thing now), you literally have everything you need to be that well-groomed man everyone would love to be, and be with.

A little can go a long way for men in this aspect of life, such as a well-trimmed beard and nails, a hairstyle that fits your character, pressed clothes, fresh breath, and a touch of fragrance for a special occasion, and you’re good to go.

Bring out the big guns

strength and muscles

It’s no news that the ladies will shiver at the mere sight of pure brawn, but now even science has confirmed that strength is considered one of the most attractive characteristics in a man. According to this study, muscles are definitely the way to go, but even if you pack some extra flab on the belly is fine as long as you are physically strong – so the character matters more than mere appearance.

A true alpha doesn’t underestimate any aspect of his routine, from the food he eats, all the way to what he wears during training to maximize results. You can try various forms of exercise to find what gives the best results for you and don’t forget to look for appropriate gym wear, such as quality men’s gym pantsto make sure your workouts are safe and as efficient as possible.  No alpha will get injured for his ego – he knows how to leave it at the door.

Respect and kindness come first

When you pack a mean set of muscles and still smell fresh and clean, all that’s left to complete the package is your kind-hearted attitude. Think: Ferdinand, the bull who loved flowers and refused to use his unparalleled strength for aggression. If there is a way out of a conflict that doesn’t involve brute force, use it – it takes a strong man to show confidence in a conflict, but an even greater one to show restraint.

When it comes to people you care about, alpha males treat their loved ones with respect and care. It’s not just the gesture of bringing someone flowers or making sure they get home safely, but that caring attitude that makes people around you treat you with respect and awe.

Be the sharp-dressed dude


Being neat is not the same as being stylish, and no matter how clean your same old black t-shirt is, it gets boring beyond words. Use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to emphasize your frame with the right form-fitting pieces. Colors are also not banned from the manly world, on the contrary, introduce diversity to free yourself from dull, monotonous pieces.

Every alpha male’s best accessory? A chunky wrist watch for any occasion that instantly kicks your look a few notches up from ordinary to ruggedly stylish. Of course, always aim for quality and not mere quantity when you pick your essentials.

Master the art of body language

No classy suit or a fancy ride can make up for poor posture, hence the need for every wannabe alpha to start fixing the rounded shoulders, the famous ILS (imaginary lat syndrome for the gym novice), or eyes locked to the screen. And a firm handshake and a steady walk are much more effective than wearing too much hair gel, so please, don’t be that guy.

From maintaining eye contact to keeping your tone of voice in check, your body language is your greatest ally in conquering anything in life, whether it’s impressing a date, or nailing a job interview. Even a regular pair of jeans and an old, worn-out shirt can look majestic on a man who knows how to carry himself like a true alpha.