7 Things men should do to get a fabulous skin

Written by  Angina12
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It is true that men can’t do anything about their physical trait, what they can do is improve their good looks. To have a fabulous skin brings you confidence; your glowing looks will attract beautiful people too. However, when you maintain your looks with several grooming methods, your social life becomes enjoyable. In maintaining skin elasticity, good practices and hygiene must be observed.


Fabulous skin attracts beauty

Of course, women love good things including good looks. Consequently, men must be conscious of their skin and daily maintain their looks despite their age. For men to have a blemish-free skin, skincare tips are necessary for men to apply. The choice of moisturizer, what you consume and how hydrated your body is will go a long way to determine how your skin will glow.

Constantly, update your knowledge with skincare tricks and take care any skin issues you may have. More so it is not only against skin issues that you should be conscious. To prepare the body for permanent facial and skin brightness is a combination of factors. It is a rewarding experience of enhancing your natural beauty if you know what to do.

Basic tips that ensure a fabulous skin for men

  • The early trick that men use to ensure a clear skin that attracts people is eating the right foods. Ideally, a low-sugar meal will not put pressure on your insulin level. When the state of your cells is balanced by eating blander food, sufficient vitamins, and protein, there is little need for intensive skin care. We advise you to satisfy your appetite with good foods as you pamper your skin.
  • Consume fresh greens, low fats, and plenty fruits to make you look young.
  • Drink plenty of water; it is helpful for the body. The surefire relief from wrinkles is consuming a clean glass of water. Dehydrated skin will not glow; dryness will be seen on parts of the skin.
  • Your skin breathes, as such, you must make it easy for the body to maintain its water level since sweat escapes from the pores of your skin. To balance your level of body fluid; it is necessary to drink extracts of herbs, juice and more importantly, water. You can choose to flavor or flavor your water with pieces of lime, citrus, or other fruits. However, eight glasses of daily water intake are a good hydration technique. Some fruits like watermelon, cucumber, and grapefruits are chiefly composed of water. But the Ayurvedic science teaches beauty enthusiasts to drink water from a blue colored bottle placed under the early morning sun.

The color blue has a cooling effect on the healing energy of the sun. The intake of rose water reduces eye puffiness that happens in the morning. More so the intake of water is needed to maintain pH balance. To ensure a flawless skin, take natural fluids every time.


  • Always clean your hands: You don’t need to be told that there are bacteria in your sweaty palms before you imbibe the habit of hand washing. When bacteria block the tiny pores on the skin’s surface, skin irritation will occur. Apart from the bacteria from your fingers, oil can block the skin pores. It is a natural occurrence for fingers to touch the face and the pores of your skin subconsciously. When bacteria are transferred to body parts, infections and breakouts will result.
  • Wash your face regularly: It is proper for men to wash their face and bathe at least twice every day. Naturally, men have testosterone that increases the rate of acne and pimples. Most skin infections can be prevented with proper hygiene rather than medications. There are skin care products for men to choose from according to their skin types.
  • A man with sensitive or dry skin will experience flakes or irritations on their skin unlike people with oily skin types. A skin-friendly cleanser and some light moisturizer are effective. Whereas people who don’t understand their skin types but have dry cheeks, oily forehead, nose, and chin; they have combination skin types. There are skin cleansers and moisturizers for normal and combination skin types.
  • Those with oily skin types are not left out; the use of face-blotting tissues can remedy their situation. More so, men who are embattled with acne should apply some portions of benzoyl peroxide cream, and salicylic acid face wash for fast relief.
  • Reduce your intake of alcohol and smoking.

Unhealthy practices on the skin

The skin is the body’s protective outer-shell and the first attractive body part. Men who regularly visit their dermatologist or spa know that sunlight, infections, chemicals, and cuts have negative effects on the skin. After an intense workout session when you sweat to dry on your skin, the epidermis will react with impurities. Eczema, pimples, rashes and other forms blemishes are common on skin that enjoys little care. To promote skin beauty and better appearance, you should avoid some unhealthy practices.

Avoid the intake of cow’s milk; this dairy product raises blood sugar that triggers skin inflammation. Another know substance to avoid is sugary drinks, they cause aging. More so, flee from high-glycemic foods; apart from triggering insulin levels, they cause hormonal imbalance and inflammation. Other foods to avoid for healthy skin are; junk foods and non-dark chocolates.


The world we live in is superficial; being handsome is not an obligation but a way of life. Sadly, good looks don’t put food on the table always, but it pays (health-wise) to maintain a fabulous skin. Skin irritation reduces male confidence levels.