World’s Most Man-Cave-Worthy Pool Tables

Written by  Tanya
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Pool tables come in a variety of sizes, but they’re all pretty much the same. Seen one pool hall, seen them all, right? Well, maybe not! Check out these weird and wonderful, man-cave-worthy pool tables guaranteed to cause a stir.

Fast Pool Tables

If your style is high octane and burned rubber, you can’t go wrong with this Hurricane pool table, featuring some sweet rims! This pool table is as much at home in the garage as it is in the den.

Delicious Pool Tables

Quirky in shape and delicious in design, these novelty pool tables might not go down well for tournament play, but they’re colorful and frankly, awesome!

Awesome Light Up Pool Tables!

If you want to play pool by night, or want your pool table to be a real visual spectacle, you can’t go wrong with a light-up pool table.

Or how about this one-of-a kind Obscura Cuelight pool table? Using a unique projection system, the table becomes an interactive art display, combining sensor and tracking capabilities. Fluid animations responded to the movements of the pool balls on the table.

The Coolest Pool Table Around

Don’t leave the heating on! This ice sculpture pool table not only looks cool, but makes playing pool a little trickier thanks to the slippery surface. If you want your venue to look super chill, a frosty, ice sculpture of a pool table is an ice way to impress. (We’re done now, we promise!)

Antique Billiards Tables

pool tables

If you’re looking for a touch of class, why not dip back into history for a pool table straight from the regal age of gentleman’s billiards. Made from rare wood and hand crafted with exquisite detail, these huge, ornate tables are for the true gentleman.

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