Unique Job Ideas for Men

Written by  Audrey Taylor
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If you’re one of those people who would love to find a new job or switch to a more original and exciting one – welcome to the club! There are a lot of guys who want to do the same these days, but they aren’t really sure which career route to pick. However, you don’t have to worry at all, because you’re at the right place! Here are five unique job ideas for men you’ll absolutely love, so check them out and pick one for yourself!


Professional ethical hacker

When you hear the word ‘hacker’, it’s highly likely that the first thing that comes to your mind is a teenage boy on his computer who’s stuck in a dark room, but you know what? This isn’t always the case, as there are thousands of professional hackers whose job is to ‘test-hack’ a company’s software in order to make sure it’s secure. They are also known as ethical hackers or ‘white hat hackers’, and these guys are basically paid to break into a network and provide their recommendations for a particular company which can help them secure their software in the best possible way and prevent some future hacker attacks. So, if you have such preferences, this job may be the right one for you!



Body part model

Yes, you heard us well – the job of a body part model is a real thing, which is a fantastic option for guys who have always wanted a career in modeling. Of course, body part models aren’t required to have perfectly sculpted bodies and a killer six-pack, which is why a lot of men these days opt exactly for this profession. So, if you have attractive hands or beautiful feet – we think that you may have just found your dream job! Besides that, there are also products designed for less attractive hands and not so beautiful feet, so don’t worry at all because you can find a job either way. This is definitely one of the best ways to start your career in modeling, especially for shy men who would like to take one step at a time and upgrade it later on.


Eyelash extension expert

Contrary to popular belief, men actually play a huge role in the beauty industry nowadays, without any doubt. This was unimaginable just a couple of decades ago, but the fact is that males are quite significant in this industry today – especially when it comes to hair and makeup. However, there are more and more men who decided to receive training in eyelash extensions in order to become experts in this field. This type of training has gained momentum in Australia recently, where men are no longer opting for typical ‘masculine’ jobs and are stepping outside their comfort zone. This is a fantastic way to do something amazing for all those ladies who want to improve their look and feel great about themselves. So, if you’re up for that, sign up for eyelash extension training in Sydney and you surely won’t regret it!



Male nanny aka manny

If you’re a hardcore fan of Friends, you surely know about the drama that accompanied hiring a male nanny named Sandy. Yes, Rachel was absolutely smitten with this overly sensitive guy, while Ross didn’t like him at all, so he decided to fire him in the end. Well, the overall situation around male nannies has drastically changed, and mannies are definitely on the rise these days. Some experts believe that employing a manny is a trend which is here to stay – especially among single moms and families with boys. Of course, we can all agree that gender shouldn’t play a role when picking the best candidate – but their enthusiasm, love of children, common sense, reliability, and a lot of other factors you should take into consideration. Just don’t forget that male nannies are always up for fort building, heavy lifting, and dirty play dates, which is what most female nannies probably won’t go for.


Bike courier

The job of a bike courier (or a bike messenger) is on the rise these days as well, especially in cities with extremely busy traffic that poses a big problem on a daily basis. The great thing about bike couriers is that they aren’t deterred by parking problems or traffic jams, which is exactly what allows them to do their job efficiently and perform as they’re expected to. Of course, they can usually get across the city much faster than they would by driving a car, which is amazing when there isn’t much time available for delivery. Yes, we know that the digital age has reduced the need for bike couriers to some extent, as paper mail and other hard-copy documents are now sent via e-mail, but the fact is that cyclists are still wanted – especially by the food and fashion industries. This job is perfect for people who guys who love to spend a lot of time outside, while earning money and staying healthy at the same time.



As you can see, there are so many unique job ideas for men who want to be original and think outside the box – both in their personal and professional life. If you’re one of these guys, too, just be sure to stick to our tips and you’ll surely find a job of your dreams!