Modern Man’s Guide To Power Dressing

Written by  RonaldWolf
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Everyone knows what ‛power dressing’ stands for, especially from the movies – sharp, elegant, and expensive, plus some ‛007 trinket’ (read a branded watch that is an atomic bomb at the same time). But it seems that today those James Bonds are just in the movies. We’re overwhelmed with casual dressing – you can spend all day picking the right tie and in the end, some dude in baggy pants and a sweatshirt will steal the spotlight. Does that mean that the power dressing is dead? Not necessarily, the power of it lies in the statement you make, rather than in a certain brand.  And there isn’t a better way to make a statement than to boost your unique taste, so in this 21st century, you can wear anything you want. But, of course, with the famous twist – it needs to look good on you. So let’s take a look at the ways to reconcile these two.

You are what you wear – in reverse

Which would be – wear what you are. But don’t take this literally. This doesn’t mean that as a businessman you need to wear the pinstripe suit – not all businessmen are the wolves of Wall Street. We’re talking here about your essence, not about your social role. And your essence is never about how much money you’ve got or how masterful you are – it is about how you feel in certain clothes. Of course, you can’t go to work in your pajamas – there are certain rules, but the trick is to know how to bend them to your needs. There is always an element of ‛appropriate’ which means that you can’t come to the office dressed as a teenager. Okay, you need to have at least one suit, and you’ll choose the one you’re most comfortable with. Sounds easy enough, but this impression will change the minute you enter the first store. There are so many rules of the ‛perfect fit’ that you’ll probably jump out of your skin. There is a great chance that you’ll end up buying a suit you don’t even like just because it was the only that suits you properly.

Feels Like Nothing At All

This is why it’s always the best option to go custom. If you need a perfect fit then have the clothes
made for you. If you think this would be an unreasonable investment without satisfying results the professionals form Belance Tailoring can reassure you in no time – these craftsmen will make you look and feel exactly like yourself, with clothes fitting like the new skin. The main goal of this process is to control your whole image – to use your unique features to make you stand out from the crowd and to evoke positive reactions through the psychology behind clothes. And this is not just the simple mean of manipulation, the clothes also have their psychological effect on you –  the right ones will enhance all your positive characteristics and boost your confidence through an effect called enclothed recognition. Just like we said- wear what you are.

Time destroys everything

This doesn’t have anything to do with a philosophical and/or metaphorical meaning behind this sentence, but it has some connection to the 007 branded watch that is an atomic bomb at the same time we mentioned at the beginning. To put it simply, all we are trying to say that some fancy branded watch can sometimes send all your clothing effort right down the drain. I don’t know what’s with all the people and their enormous and expensive watches, but having one doesn’t contribute to your power dressing – it only shows that you’re rich. Usually, it’s like a stone in the shoe because these watches could match only with suits covered in rubies or something. So, if you’re gonna wear one don’t look at the price tags but rather how to match the outfit you’re wearing.

This goes for all the accessories. These small details can be powerful tools to make you stand out from the crowd, but they can also make you look like a fool. Don’t get me wrong – they can be pricey. If you have the money and the accessories complement your style – go for it. But don’t do it if you’re just trying to be classy, like the famous pocket squares charade – many people don’t even realize that they’re not handkerchiefs and don’t even know how to fold them.

Tie or not to tie…

…is not the question. Ties are not the symbol of power anymore. It has nothing to do with the status. Your clothes need to show the qualities you already possess and to enhance them. The power lies inside yourself and the way you dress can help you make it more clear.