Live like a European with bioBidet | Luxury Toilet Seat

Written by  Marv Valladares
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bioBidet luxury toilet seat

While traveling to different parts of Europe, Latin America, Middle East, or East Asia I noticed and am jealous that people there seem to have a cleaner butt than we do in the US. Why do you ask? Well, every hotel I have stayed in while visiting a bunch of countries overseas always have a bidet. What is a bidet? It’s traditionally a basin near the toilet that’s used to clean the genitals and anal area after using the toilet or whenever a “freshening up” is needed. I want a clean butt too so it’s time this part of the world learns about it.

Luxury Toilet Seat

I have been wanting a bidet for the longest in my bathroom but I don’t have the room for one but now after discovering bioBidet I don’t need all that space for a basin. Guys, let us introduce to you the Aura A7 Bidet, a luxury toilet seat.

The Aura A7 is designed to meet the needs of those looking for a bidet with additional features and durability at a great price. The Aura A7 comes with many of the same benefits of higher priced units without any of the extras that are not needed.

Say goodbye to cold toilet seats! You can keep your toilet seat warm all day or make it warm as soon as you sit down. Aura A7 features also offer: massage cleaning, adjustable nozzle, user controlled warm water along with posterior and feminine cleaning. You’ll feel like a king sitting on this throne and know that you washed away so many germs leaving you with probably the cleanest butt in town.

luxury toilet seat

Personally I’m in love with my bioBidet Aura A7 and enjoy every feature. However the only downside of the big toilet seat is that the top part cover sometimes doesn’t stay up but good thing it is plastic not wood or ceramic where you feel the cold on your back. Besides that everything else works great. You can pick up a bidet toilet seat at a very reasonable price since this one only cost $299 but you can go with some others with even more features; plus bioBidet’s Fully Integrated Toilet System to handle your business. So save some trees, use less toilet paper and get your self a bidet to live like the Europeans do.