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Patrizia Yanguela

Exotic, fierce, and a fanatical jet-setter, Swiss born Patrizia Yangüela is now conquering the US with her steamy sold out 2018 calendar. Genetically gifted, with the brains to boot, the tetra-lingual model has amassed 1.5+ million clamoring fans on Instagram alone with her numbers growing by the day. Known as Viva Glam Magazine’s “Girl Crush,” we had the honor to interview her and show you why she is a future business mogul.

Patrizia is making moves in the United States to solidify herself as a respected business woman, and model with a message of empowerment and self-love. Not one to take the expected path in life, Patrizia fell into modeling by chance at the age of 28 years old, after establishing a successful career at an advertising and marketing firm in Switzerland once earning a BA in her respected field. What originally began as a personal journey to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, quickly turned into a fairy tale discovery when she was scouted after posting fitness progress photos on Instagram. Today, as an educated and fulfilled young woman, she sets her goals high and is continuing the path of a successful lingerie and fitness model aiming to spread the word of empowerment and self-love in everything she does.

Patrizia Yanguela

Patrizia was raised by her Dominican mother and her Swiss father. Being raised internationally and living in multiple areas around the world, Patrizia is fluent in four languages including English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as being conversational in French. Aside from being born in Zurich, Patrizia has also spent time abroad living in Miami, Florida, and the Caribbean.

Numerous world travels taught Patrizia the importance of sharing and respecting different cultures, a value she is passionate about and celebrates frequently with new cultural expeditions and excursions. When Patrizia is not busy building her empire or interacting with fans, she is busy browsing through pinstripemag.com and keeping her body in tip-top shape by lifting weights, hiking and cycling.

Interview Q&A


1. What a great mix in ethnicity you have. So, do you relate more to your Latin side or Swiss side?

I can physically relate more to my Latin side… but mentally I am very Swiss.

2. So you speak four languages, which two do you speak more fluent?

It’s difficult because I grew up in a multi-language family… I can both speak German and Spanish with my family and friends but I’m also fluent in English and Portuguese, and conversational in French.

3. Which one would you like to speak just as fluent?

I’d love to be fluent in French or Italian… living in Europe it very much comes in handy.

Patrizia Yanguela4. So tell us more about this sold out sexy calendar, is this your first?

It’s my first of hopefully many more to come!. I had such a great experience being part of the process, from the shoot, to producing it and seeing the finished product. The whole process was a learning experience, and I am so humbled and proud of this particular project.

5. What made you want to do a calendar and which month is your favorite shot in the calendar?

All the big models in the past have had their own calendar, like Pamela Anderson. Once I came to LA, I was immediately inspired and it made me want to do an amazing calendar for my fans. I honestly don’t know if I could pick just one favorite because I am so proud of the overall project itself.

Patrizia Yanguela

6. Any siblings?

Yes, I have one sister. she lives in the Dominican Republic.

7. Are you modeling all over the world or sticking to one place?

I wish I could model all over but at the moment I am based in Switzerland and come out to LA very often for business and modeling projects and well.

8. How did you become an Instagram star too?

It just happened by chance. honestly, I never modeled a day in my life before Instagram…I first thought that Instagram was just a fun and new form to present who you are to your friends and a larger audience. I never sought out Instagram fame, but then one thing lead to another, and here I am.

9. Do you manage your own IG account or do you have someone manage for you?

I manage it on my own. It’s a lot of work because sometimes you are clueless of what content to post. Also there’s a balance of taking the time to answer questions and comments from my followers and fans. I like to communicate to people who try to contact me. I think that’s the best way to maintain your fans and to show them you care, by taking time to acknowledge them and to interact with them when you can.

10. So besides modeling what else keeps you busy?

I have my own investment company together with my husband, so if I’m not working on modeling, I am dealing with our company’s clients and filling out most of the paperwork.

11. What is your favorite part of what you do on a daily basis?

I love my freedom — that is honestly my favorite part. I can do things at my own pace. It’s so freeing to be your own boss and being completely in-charge of your own career and work schedule.

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12. So I am sure our readers want to know, where else besides IG and your calendar can they see more of you?

At the moment, I am only seen on Instagram, but hopefully in the future you will see lots more of me!

13. What do you consider your best asset?

My personality.

14. What’s your favorite food and why?

I love pizza! It’s just been that dish that I loved since I was a child.

15. Pizza must be a thing with our pinstripehotties. What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Honestly, I don’t have one place in mind specifically. I love to travel and try to go to places I haven’t been before.

16. Which state/city do you reside in?

I live in Zurich, Switzerland.

17. So is your goal to keep growing your IG account and what can our readers do to help with that?

I definitely have Instagram goals! I hope get a couple of million more followers. And yes, by liking and commenting my pics that’s a great support!

18. If you had to pick a category on pinstripemag.com what would you say is your favorite section?

The gear and gadget section! I love to get new tips and see the latest electronics and gadgets that have been released!

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