Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Written by  Cooper Klein
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For years now, the most popular bathroom style was the bright Scandinavian design with light wood, a lot of white color and soft, relaxing accessories. However, as Scandi is slowly becoming passé, there’s another style emerging—the one that’s bold, rugged and full of character. Masculine bathrooms tend to combine dark and elegant finishes with a touch of industrial rawness and vintage sophistication which make it perfect for any modern, busy person. Here’s how you can incorporate this elegant look into your bathroom.

Watch out for colors

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Probably the first thing one will notice when stepping into one of these masculine spaces is the color, more specifically, the unapologetic use of dark, saturated shades. Black, the color associated with class, power and authority, is very often present and favored. If you want to create a sharp contrast with black, white should be your color of choice, but try to retain the dark, mysterious vibe. All sorts of gray shades are also often present since they too give away a feeling of wisdom and sophistication. Other colors that can be seen in a masculine bathroom are dark blues, greens or red, and they have the biggest effect when used as accent colors.

Stripes are forever

For a masculine feel that is not too serious, one can always opt for stripes. Painting bold and thick stripes on the bathroom wall can have a strong and intriguing effect, especially when the stripes are done in darker, masculine colors. You can pair a darker stripe (choose navy blue or charcoal gray) with a white stripe for a classic, vintage look, or take a more modern approach with a subtle contrast that shades of gray or brown make.

Stripes are not only reserved for walls—other bathroom accessories can also get a striped look. A shower curtain in stripes that match your walls will look amazing but can be quite difficult to find. But a solid one in a color of your stripes can be bought in almost any store that sells bathroom accessories. Even towels in colors that match your stripes can add to the well-thought-out masculine look.

Use strong materials

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

If you want to retain the feeling of strength and ruggedness, you can easily do that with materials that have similar properties. Stone and marble have always been considered the strongest materials, but they also look very elegant. A stone accent wall can be a great way to boost the texture and character of the space. Another very popular material in masculine bathrooms (and in contemporary interior design as a whole) is concrete. It has a raw, unfinished look with an attractive texture that is hard and reliable. All of these materials need very little maintenance and they can last practically forever.

Don’t forget the wood

A rustic, natural, outdoorsy of the wood is very desirable in masculine bathrooms. Its texture is perfect for creating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of log cabins, hunting trips and raw power of untamed nature. It also helps create a design that looks classy, refined and mature. Since some masculine bathrooms full of stone and concrete may look a bit stark and impersonal, wood can soften that and add both warmth and personality to the space. Even though it’s most commonly used in cabinets and shelves, wood can also be incorporated into walls, ceilings, accessories (a wooden bath mat made of dark wood looks absolutely amazing) and even showers and baths.

That’s so metal!

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Small elements of bronze, bass, sleek chrome and iron add an interesting industrial vibe that is very sought-after. Wrought iron lighting, weathered steel accents and exposed brass pipes will look right at home in any masculine bathroom. For instance, matching a minimalist freestanding bath with a black gooseneck faucet will provide an amazing contrast and serve as an elegant yet raw focal point. Pro tip: mixing metals will add a lot of character to your bathroom but try keeping all your plumbing uniform for a clean, uncluttered look.

Every bathroom needs tiles

A perfect tile choice for any masculine bathroom is classic subway tiles. The best effect is achieved when an ivory version is combined with contrasting dark grout. It evokes the recognizable feeling of London Tube, so make sure to keep other colors and details simple and minimalistic.

Vintage accessories for a touch of old-timey class

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Ideas for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Vintage or antique décor will introduce a sense of wisdom and history to the space. Retro sconces, weathered antique mirrors and aged leather details will only boost the masculinity and elegance of the bathroom. Some historical items, like black and white photos of dapper gents or badass Samurai, will look very interesting. Even the smallest details such as cabinet hardware or old-fashioned shaving tools can add to the sense of class.

These are just some of the general guidelines on how to achieve a stylish masculine bathroom. However, probably the manliest thing in the world is following your own style, so don’t forget to put your personal stamp to your masculine bathroom.


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