How to Navigate the Crazy Transition from Winter to Spring / The Art of Layering Taylrd

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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With so many menswear brands on the market now, Taylrd is one that we suggest for their perfect fit, price and comfort.

Today we had a chance speak to CEO of Taylrd, Tom Dwyer and picked his brain so he can tell us how to navigate the crazy transition from winter to spring with the art of layering:

Change up your Color Palette

​Perhaps the easiest way to let everyone know you’d rather be at the beach! ​

Look to add some lighter colors, and fade out the black on black looks for something to reflect the seasons changing and warmer weather. Subtle changes can make a big difference to getting you ready for the new season.

​Perhaps hold off on the hot pinks but start ushering in those brighter blues and salmons.​

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Changes in season can leave us over or under dressed but if done properly, layering can save us. ​


If layering doesn’t come natural to you, start with a focus on 3 layers; the thinnest being your base followed by a mid weight second layer then a jacket based on which season you’re working with. The idea is we want to prepare for the coldest but be able to shed some layers and be comfortable from the outdoors to the office. If you want to have more fun with layering, choose a patterned dress shirt as your base so you have an accent layer. Feel free not to tuck it in so you truly see it and it adds a stylish element to your look. If you sweat, cheat the system and put a short sleeve collared shirt under a sweater so you can strip down and still be comfortable. This is a great way to still look put together at work and be comfortable. ​Invest in staple pieces that can be mixed and matched. The base layer (or second layer if you’re wearing an under shirt) is where we suggest having some fun with pattern especially as we’re transitioning in between seasons. Invest in staple sweaters and jackets in solids. This will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and have a versatile wardrobe that will take you…comfortably…from season to season.


Focus on lighter weight options and breathable materials​

A lot of guys don’t focus too much on the weight of their clothing, but this can be super helpful, especially for transitional seasons like Spring and Fall. This allows for you to still layer for style without being the sweaty guy at the office or bar. Look for breathable fabrics like cotton and phase out the wools and polyesters.​

Taylrd’s Spring Chino Fabric comes in a lighter weight fabric to keep men on the go comfortable for whatever he’s doing

Don’t be afraid to Mix and Match

Now more than ever, offices have become more informal so take advantage of it and have some fun with traditional looks. ​

Don’t be afraid to throw a T-Shirt or Henley under your blazer or suit to switch things up. Look to invest in higher quality knits that can give a smart, casual look that will stand you out from the other 9 to 5ers’. TAYLRD’s new knit line, launching in April has been developed in the USA that can work as well under a blazer in the office as in the bar.