Ditch the Clutter: 7 Apps and Gadgets That Will Help You Stay Organised for Good

Written by  Cooper Klein
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With so many daily obligations and business responsibilities, the last thing you need is a disorganized, cluttered home. Not only will it make your living space messy and unpleasant, but it will also take hold of your life, reduce your productivity and affect your state of mind. Fortunately, there are more than a few gadgets and apps that will help you turn your life around and become an organized, productive person.

A sleek phone charging station

Stay Organized for Good

If you’re a tech guy and a businessman, you should definitely add a charging station to your space. Not only will you have a neat place to hold your phones, cameras and other tech devices, but you’ll also get all those cords out of the way. You can find a modern-looking phone charging station with separate power strip hidden behind a sliding door. All you need to do is find an empty wall to mount it and your charging station will be set up.

A neat motorized tie rack

Stay Organized for Good

Whether you’re going out on a date or hurrying to a business meeting, you probably won’t have time to desperately browse through your ties, trying to find the perfect one. Instead, you should equip your closet with a motorized tie rack that will keep your ties neatly organized. Mind you, this isn’t just any tie hanger – this tech device will save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to browse through your ties by pushing a single button. You don’t have to worry about your closet space because this gadget will take up just a tiny portion of it.

A reminding doorknob organizer

Stay Organised for Good

You’ve finally left your home only to realise that you have to go back because you’ve forgotten a bill you have to pay or your favorite sunglasses. With a knob organizer, this will no longer be a problem! A knob organizer with separate pockets is designed for storing all the items you need on you when you leave your home. Be it your phone or an important letter, you can store your essentials in this organizer and place it over the doorknob where you’ll be able to see it before going out.

An effective label maker

Stay Organised for Good

It’s easy to get swamped with paper and documents, especially when you work from home. Your home office is an area that needs to be organized and tidy in order to enhance your work efficiency. And one of the simplest yet most effective tricks that will help you stay organized is labeling. Labeling your files, documents and boxes will help you come up with an effective filing system that will facilitate finding anything you need. And with the right gadgets, such as a labeling machine and quality and durable Dymo labels, you’ll be able to organize your home office which will improve your productivity. This way, you’ll be able to get the work done quickly and efficiently in a structured environment.

A smart wallet

Stay Organized for Good

Instead of trying to push all your cards into an already bulging wallet, you should go with an alternative, high-tech option. A smart wallet will enable you to program your cards, such as loyalty cards, credit cards and others, into this high-tech card reader. When paying a bill, withdrawing money or visiting your gym, all you need to do is choose a card you need and your smart wallet will perform its function. Thus, you won’t need to deal with a range of different cards, but use a single smart gadget, such as Wocket Wallet.

A motivating app

Stay Organized for Good

Staying focused on your goals is more difficult than it seems because we’re surrounded by numerous distractions. Whether you’ve decided to get in shape, become more organized, quit smoking or stop eating junk food, there will be days when you’ll lack motivation and may even give in to temptation. However, there’s a way to overcome these obstacles and remain focused on your goals. A goal motivation app, such as Streaks, will help you track your progress and stick to your plan. If you miss a day to check in, you’ll have to start all over again, so the next time, you’ll think twice before skipping a day. Motivational apps can really help you stay goal-oriented and motivate you by showing you how far you’ve come. So, if you’ve had difficulties remaining organized, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Grocery shopping app

Stay Organized for Good

Typically, guys hate shopping, but what makes this everyday chore even more tedious is the fact that you need to walk around a supermarket, trying to remember what you need. And when you finally come home, you realize that you have to go back because you’ve forgotten something again. Well, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be so exhausting if you get more organized. With a grocery shopping app, you can just scan a barcode and add an item to your shopping list. You can also adjust it to your favorite stores, browse through available products and even sort your list by aisle. This way, you can get in, get what you need and get out.
With these great apps and gadgets, you’ll get both your home and yourself more organized and productive.