10 outfit ideas for men in 2018

Written by  evieharrison
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Are you a fashion-conscious man who likes to dress as per the latest trends? Do you feel that your style boosts your confidence level and makes you feel on top of the world? Then you’ve landed on the right page.

Today, we are going to discuss pocket-friendly ways in which you can nail the key looks of 2018. Luckily, many of the biggest trends of 2017 have spilled over into this year too. So, you won’t have to invest in another bunch of the latest menswear collections.

We talked to some of the industry’s top stylists to share 10 outfit ideas for men that can help you rock 2018 with a big bang. Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not on the menswear scene this year:

1- Bring on those wide-leg trousers

The past few seasons have witnessed more relaxed cuts and looser silhouette- whether it is a coat or a pair of trousers. Thankfully, this trend is working its way from the runways into mainstream fashion. This louche style of trousers is predicted to take the menswear fashion by storm over the next few months.

If you are a regular skinny jeans wearer, then you might get some serious withdrawal symptoms. Millie Rich, a stylist at online personal shopping service, Thread, says, “It’s time for skinnies to fully disappear from wardrobes.”

Once you experience the comfort this roomy fit has to offer, there will be no looking back. Start with straight legged denim or go for a dark washed jeans with a big turn-up and brogue shoes.

Read more to learn about how to style your relaxed-fit trousers perfectly.

wide-leg trousers

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2- Rock a Cuban collar shirt

One of the biggest trends of 2017 was the Cuban collar shirt. Thanks to Mr. Montana, this open neckline style is here stay. They are airy and light which makes them a perfect choice for a hot summer day. Plus, it makes men with narrow shoulders look broader.

With a muted botanical print or a solid color, you’ll look sleek and stylish anyway. Style it further with a classy black leather jacket and a pair of jeans to rock the classic old-school look.

Rock a Cuban collar shirt

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3- Plaid it up

Last season was all about layering stripes, but this year the focus is on plaid. Many designers piled plaid on plaid on the fall/winter 2018 runways.

So, take inspiration and don’t be afraid to experiment with a bevy of plaid shirts and accessories. Be bold and adventurous as you can’t go wrong in mixing plaid this season.

Plaid it up

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4- White is the new black

The all-white rage has taken runways by storm. Experiment with the Eighties vibe by giving it a shot.

If you are a little skeptical, then take it down a notch by adding a light navy blazer or a denim jacket. You can instantly smarten your look by adding smart black shoes or brown leather sandals.

White is the new black

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5- Pink is here to stay

If you thought that pink was a seasonal color, then think again. The pink color in menswear is a trend that is here to stay for a while. Thanks to Versace who gave us a head-to-toe millennial pink look and Tom Ford who teamed up dusty pink jeans with pink suit jackets and a pop of fuchsia pink sweaters.

Needless to say, pink is now a permanent part of men’s fashion and its high time that you embrace this hot trend of 2018. Hot pink, blush pink or light rose color- choose any shade from the spectrum, and you are good to go.

Pink is here to stay

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6- Invest in a vertically striped suit

Boring old primary colored suits are a thing of the past. This year is all about patterns and prints with vertical stripes ruling the game. 2018 London Fashion Week Men’s witnessed stripes everywhere- from t-shirts to tailored suits.

Choose from a variety of widths- from a subtle pinstripe to thick bold ones. You’ll be in the trendy zone as long as your next suit is striped. The great news is that this style suits every guy, irrespective of their body shape.

Invest in a vertically striped suit

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7- Look out for breast pockets

Seventies-style military shirts were a hot trending style at the fashion shows this season. So, get your hands on those safari jackets, field jackets, and military shirts. Double breast pockets and a slouchy silhouette are the key details to rock this look successfully.

Look out for breast pockets

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8- Retro sportswear

The last couple of years have seen sportswear being a staple in menswear trends. This year, brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila continue to be inspired by the nineties era, and retro sportswear is here to stay.

Follow this trend by pairing a drawstring trouser in luxury fabric with a zip-up nylon jumper or wear a simple matching two-piece tracksuit. Accentuate the look by adding a vintage leather jacket.

Retro sportswear

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9- Mix up the layers

Another major trend at London Fashion Week Men’s SS18 was layering the outfit. Whether it is corporate wear with sportswear, shorts with leggings or a jumper with a dress shirt and a jacket- it’s all about exploring the diversity of the look.

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10- Explore the fabric

If you thought that tactile fabrics like shearling, wool, and flannel were only limited to the winters, then this year’s style trends might have a surprise for you. This season is all about exploring touchy-feely garments like velvet, suede bomber jackets, corduroy trousers and puckered summer jackets.

Incorporating tactile fabric is an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe without stepping out of your comfort zone. Simply layer different textures for a smart or casual look, and you’ll be able to sport an entirely new look without spending much.

Explore the fabric

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If you are an avid fashion follower, then you must have noticed that most of the trends are almost the same as last season. Plaid, vertical stripes and pink are the forerunning trends while layering and tactile fabrics should be a staple in your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Keep your style fun and functional without compromising on the aesthetics, and you’ll be ready to rock 2018 in style!