Suit Up: How to Plan an Epic Bachelor Party

Written by  RonaldWolf
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Throwing an epic bachelor party is the responsibility, nay, a sacred privilege of people who the groom-to-be considers his brothers in arms. Nonetheless, there is so much to fit in this notion, so much to sample in a single night. After all, this is to be one’s last day amongst the living, the eve of one of the greatest changes in their life. So, with this in mind and without further ado, here are some tips and suggestions on how to hit the streets and throw your friend a night they will never forget.

  1. The warm-up

Every bachelor party has its starting point and it usually happens somewhere close, somewhere indoors. Here, the company relaxes, usually with a slight mediation of their favorite alcoholic beverage (or a mixture of beverages). While no one denies that enjoying alcohol brings the merit of its own, yet, it might be a good idea to spice things up a bit with the right drinking game. If you have an even number of participants, you may try a civil war, which is a blend of Beer Pong and Nemesis, yet in teams (usually of three). Apart from this, the above-mentioned beer pong and flip cup are evergreen.

  1. Move to the main venue

In a case where you’ve rented a venue and prepared everything, you might be ready to make the move. At your target location, you need to pull off something special, in order to ensure it’s not just another house party (like the one you just left). One of the ways to do so is to have something outlandish installed at the target location, like a pop-up kombi bar. Knowing as how there is a great demand for kombi hire in Sydney and other big cities, you may want to check out the situation in your hometown and book it in advance.

  1. Something old, something new, something morally dubious

When it comes to hiring a stripper, this is quite a controversial issue. While some consider this to be a bachelor party tradition, others are reluctant towards the idea. First of all, there’s no telling how the future bride will feel about it if she finds out, especially seeing as how some of her male family members may be invited to the party, as well. Therefore, it is usually best to settle for something harmless, something like gambling. This too can be taken to a casino or organized in a bit of a closed environment.

  1. Paintball

Another great idea would be to throw a paintball night, where you divide your group into two teams and set the best man and the groom as leaders. Then, you organize a draft or make it randomly and shoot out any pressing issues that you, as a group, may have. Paintball as an activity is fun as it is, let alone when performed drunk in the company of your best friends. Needless to say, this is something that will make this night even more unique.

  1. A camping trip

Finally, there is no reason why your bachelor party has to be restricted to a single night. Instead, why not go on a bachelor camping trip and have the time of your lives. Apart from helping you all reconnect as a group, you will have days and nights to create memories and stories that will be told and retold in years to come. Either way, make sure that you are properly supplied for this trip, so as that it doesn’t suffer for your lack of preparation.

At the end of the day, those who claim you need strippers in order to have an unforgettable bachelor party simply lack imagination. It all depends on the nature of your group and, most importantly, that of the groom. Don’t forget that this night is about him and for him. For this reason alone, something as casual as golfing or whiskey tasting can be as great of an idea as the wildest party you can possibly come up with.