Man’s Psyche: What Sexual Problems Bother Men

Written by  BrianAdam
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Whether you are a male or a female, this article will definitely be of good use to you as it will help you understand common health problems related to sex. If you are a female and you recognize some of these problems in your stronger companion, maybe you could be the only one to help him. If you are a male with some of these sexual problems, this will take some weight off your chest and help you understand what’s going on.

So, let’s start with relationships. Relationships are built on trust, at least the healthy ones are. You and your partner should be able to rely on each other without fear that your partner will let you down. With that being said, words that your partner says to you, and vice versa, are the ones that can really impact you, and vice versa. That’s actually how you can help your partner. He will listen! Now let’s see the common sexual problems in men.

Sexual problems that are common for men

Sexual problems in men
  • Erectile Dysfunction

ED (short for erectile dysfunction) is probably the most common problem that there is. In essence, ED is the inability to get an erection in order to have sexual intercourse (or maintaining one).

What causes erectile dysfunction: stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, penis injuries, smoking and drinking excessively, blood flow problems, nerve disorders.

  • Ejaculation problem

Whether it is premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation, it is an embarrassing and stubborn problem that can, and usually does, affect a guy’s mental health. No one wants the “fun” to be over before it began, right? That sentence alone explains premature ejaculation which is the most common out of the three.

What causes ejaculation problems: self-confidence, sexual repression, stress, depression.

  • Low testosterone levels

This isn’t something that someone else but the guy having it can see. Low testosterone, if it isn’t dealt with, can cause and create other scary sexual problems. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that has many functions in both men’s and female’s bodies. It builds muscle and regulates your sex drive.

What causes your testosterone levels to drop: excessive alcohol drinking and smoking, not activating your body enough throughout the day, low estrogen levels.

  • Low libido

When I say “low libido” what I mean is — Low sex drive. Who doesn’t want to have sex with their significant others? Well, the guys who can’t, who are bothered with some kind of a sexual problem or low libido.

What this is connected to is, you’ve guessed it — testosterone (it wasn’t even a true guess, I already explained it).

Low testosterone levels will decrease a man’s libido which is a phenomenal confidence killer, so to speak. In order to increase sperm volume, a guy must increase his libido because in order to increase his libido he will have to increase his testosterone. See, easy.

What causes low libido: relationship problems, depression, anxiety.

What makes Men not want to talk about their Sexual Problems

Men not want to talk about their Sexual Problems

Did you notice the most common cause of these sexual problems? It’s stress, anxiety, depression. All of them are mental problems and all of them can be both affected by you, as a partner. You can either be another brick that makes the wall of problems, or you can be the one to grab a hammer and break that wall down. It is up to you.

Also, another pretty common cause of his problems is his unhealthy lifestyle. The effects of alcohol can be huge.

If you are still reading this, I get it that you want to do the second thing. Okay, so, in order to help you partner overcome this you must understand where he got his problem from. We can check that one as you already know the possible causes and the definitions of these sexual problems so you can figure that one on your own now. Simply storm through the list of causes form a particular problem that your partner has and see if it matches his habits.

Now that you did that, let’s go a step further. It is time to help your partner open up to you. The stress, the anxiety, the depression, the relationship problems and other common ones can be rid of with a simple, calm conversation.

What makes guys not want to talk about their sexual problems is FEAR. That’s the only reason. It isn’t the fear of their problem as much as the fear of their partner, or their partner’s reaction, or their partner’s judgment.

You see, your reaction to this can either make things that much worse than they already are or that much better. This is exactly what goes through a guy’s head if he’s experiencing stuff like this: “What if she leaves me because of this?”, “What if I disappoint her?”, “What if she thinks I’m a freak?”. All of this AND more goes through a guy’s head. If his condition remains like that for a long period of time it will only bring more and more negative thoughts to his head until it becomes flooded. That’s where guys can break.

When you overcome the mental barrier together, your man can use male enhancement vitamins as a finishing touch. Also, VXL might be the solution to the problem. Either way, solutions are all over the place. This can become a serious problem only if you, both of you, let it become. So, recognize the problem, help each other, solve it, and spend some “interesting” time with each other, if you know what I mean. That would be it for this article! Enjoy your health!


men should open up

A shocking percentage of men — 52% — have experienced erectile dysfunction in their lives, according to Cleveland Clinic. Another research has shown that 75% of tested males had ED because of trauma, which shows how connected these problems really are to a man’s psyche.

So, take your partner’s health and problems seriously as you can be the cause and the cure. If you make him realize that his problem doesn’t bother you and that it is completely normal and solvable, maybe the problem will go away just like that, in some cases at least. But that step is extremely important!