The Hottest Guys on the Planet and What Makes Them Attractive

Written by  Scarlet Gratton
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It’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries! No, we’re not talking about the fate of the Atlantis, or about the Bermuda Triangle. We’re talking about the secret to attracting women. What is it that makes women fall for some guys while others can’t get a girl whatever they do? And most importantly, how can we, ordinary guys, migrate from the second group to the first? Contrary to what guys tend to believe, women don’t just fall for beefcakes. Let’s take a look at some vastly different heartthrobs, and try to discover what it is that makes them irresistible to the opposite sex.

Reason #1: Brawn – Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Let us let you in on a little secret: no one is born looking like Chris Hemsworth. Not even Chris Hemsworth. Even Chris has to work his butt off to get those muscles. Working out regularly will help you get into shape. Not only are women more attracted to guys who have a six pack – they also love confidence. And trust us, once you start hitting the gym and you see your body transforming before your eyes, you will quickly start exuding confidence. Guys who hate going to the gym often think they are hopeless when it comes to working out. But the truth is that you can choose any form of exercise you enjoy. Whether it’s running, football, basketball, tennis or swimming, results will be visible as soon as you start applying yourself. Plus, working out is awesome for your mental and physical health, and healthy is always attractive.

Reason #2: Style – Roger Shamoun

Roger Shamoun

A suit does not make a man, but it can sure help him get some female attention. Even if your body is less than perfect, great style can help you hide those imperfections and accentuate your best features. Just take a look at the style icon that is Roger Shamoun. The Sydney-based style guru is always impeccably dressed in a bespoke suit, balanced out by a few unexpected details, for instance, an unusual fabric, or a pair of sunglasses. Glasses, in particular, both sunnies and prescription ones, can elevate your look. They can even transform it, depending on the color and frames, making you look like a bad boy, a player, or a hot nerd, for instance. So, always get your clothes tailored to fit your body type, and consult an optometrist in Broadway for a pair of flattering shades.

Reason #3: Talent – the boys of BTS


Women, in general, fall for ability. And when you blend ability with emotions, you get talent. That is why musicians, actors, and athletes have such star power and why women scream their names and daydream about meeting them. Just look at the latest K-pop craze that is slowly sweeping the entire planet. The guys from the boy band BTS are causing levels of hysteria that haven’t been seen since The Beatles, with fans screaming and fainting wherever they appear. You might not be able to rock blue hair, sing, dance and rap like RM and his bandmates, but you can still work on developing your own talent. Whether you play the guitar, dabble in drawing or write poetry, don’t be afraid to show it. Chicks love talented guys!

Reason #4: Kindness – Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Nothing makes women swoon as much as a kind man. If you don’t believe us, just go to the park with a baby or an adopted puppy, and watch women flock around you to “oooh” and “aaaah” all over your emotional self. Philanthropy is a well-known and much-used popularity booster that many famous guys use. Just look at Iron Man! RDJ supports numerous charities such as the Orca Network and the Robin Hood Organization. Of course, you can’t compete with his wealth, but try to be active and give back to your community by volunteering when you can. Adopt a dog, help out your friends and neighbors, and always be kind to others.

The truth is, different women like different types of guys. The one sure way to win hearts wherever you go is to always strive to be your best self. And of course, whatever you do, do it with confidence.