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Written by  afua danso
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Fall in Love with Falling Asleep with The Dreampad Pillows


With all the daily stress of living in such a fast-paced, ever-changing, technologically overloaded world, it can be hard to “shut down your brain” and get a good night’s sleep. That goes for all of us, however, if you find it difficult to fall asleep night after night, then the Dreampad pillows may be just the miracle you’ve been, well, dreaming of. With the look and feel of an ordinary pillow, pairing nicely with new sleep technology for mattresses, what makes the Dreampad extraordinary is its infusion with a patented technology called Intrasound that is guaranteed to help you “power down” for a good night’s sleep. Essentially, the pillow comes with a build-in sound system that plays calming, soothing music with gentle vibrations that travel to your inner ear by way of natural bone conduction. Like a 5-star massage spa for your brain, the vibrational music moves through your body triggering a relaxation response that allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.


Originally developed to help children with Autism or high levels of trauma relax and fall asleep, parents found it worked for them too! After receiving many letters from parents requesting an adult version of this pediatric pillow, and after much diligent research, the new Dreampad line of four pillows was released in 2016. The Medium Support pillow, priced at $159, is the most popular, accommodating those who sleep on their side, back or stomachs while the Firm Support works best for side and back sleepers at the same retail price. The Memory Support ($179) is the newest pillow made of soft memory foam with an elegant, luxurious feel you can gracefully sink your head into. And the Slim Support pillow ($149) is ideal for kids or anyone who prefers a thin, low-loft pillow. Some sleep with the Slim on its own and some slip it under their regular pillow—with the melodious vibes coming through just fine. This slender version is also great for travel as it fits into carry-on luggage.



To get started with the Dreampad, first download the Dreampad Sleep music app on iOS or Android. The app features ten songs specifically engineered for deep sleeping, though you can choose to play your own music too. And, if you prefer to skip the whole Smart device thing, Dreampad does offer a Sony 4GB Walkman in their online store. Next, connect to the Dreampad by either plugging in your Smart device or using a Bluetooth receiver (sold separately). Then, select your song and volume level (even at full blast the tunes will not disturb the one sleeping next to you). And finally, just relax.


Sounds simple—and amazing—right? Well, just in case you are skeptical to try it or are not satisfied with their products once you do, Dreampad offers a 30-Day risk free trial, as well as free shipping and returns in the continental US. So, why not give the Dreampad pillows a go! All you stand to lose is anxiety, stress and sleepless nights, with the potential to sleep better, wake up feeling better and just be a better, happier version of yourself, which is better for everyone around you.