6 Ways Playing Sports Benefits Your Professional Life

Written by  LeilaDorari
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Sports have many benefits in life. They keep you fit or entertained. Some even become your job, like sports commentator or player. But, the most unusual effect sports can have in your life is in your career. Just like any hobby or interest, sports leave a mark on one’s personality.

1. Teamwork

playing sport

There is a one thing sports and work have in common for sure, and that is teamwork. Every job requires teamwork even when it doesn’t appear so. It’s an important skill which can have a significant impact on the work.

The way you behave with others and how you cooperate with them are the same as on the field with teammates. You accept others opinions, help them to complete tasks, come to decisions which are good for all and not only yourself. These are all aspects of teamwork which you have also learned while playing sports.

2. Planning

Planning is a normal part of the everyday business world. However, it is an important part of sports, too. Strategic planning, specifically, is something that both business world and sports can’t do without. It is intended to define goals and create strategies to realize them.

In sports, strategic planning takes into consideration the athlete’s capabilities with which they can contribute to the game. It takes a team effort to carry out the goal to the end since every player has a role to play. The same applies to the business world. To use the employees to the best of their abilities, the company has to strategically assign them certain tasks. These tasks combined make one goal set by the company executives in order to achieve business success.

3. Communication


You’ll notice that communication is one of the top required skills according to the job offers. It is an important part of the society and an integral element for the successful realization of goals. In both sports and business, communication is vital.

More importantly, effective communication will build bonds among the teammates and colleagues. It is a sign of maturity and reasonable approach to the problems. Employers value communication since it’s the pillar of everything that transpires in the company. It’s important that you can maintain communication with other employees even when there is certain personal animosity.

4. Adaptability

Being able to foresee all possible moves is one of the key elements of sports. Knowing where the ball can go, learning the moves of other players and adapting to those changes will all be useful in the business world.

At work, you will face unexpected circumstances like a change of leadership, market crisis or reorganisation of the structure. The way you adapt to these alterations will show your level of maturity and professionalism. Above all, it will present you as a flexible employee who can work under stressful times and adapt to changes quickly without damaging the business.

5. Learning from mistakes

Experienced golf trainers can tell you that you will have to try it numerous times until you manage to perfect your golf swing. This means that in sports mistakes are common just like in business. Every player is unique and they bring that distinctiveness to the game. The same applies to work.

Failure is not something people like, but how they handle themselves when it occurs is more important. If you get up when you fall down, learn from the mistakes and stay focused on the task ahead, you will be fine. Just like hitting that golf ball for the first time may not get it into the hole, you will face obstacles at work. However, being patient and persistent will help you overcome your ego and continue working on achieving success.

6. Competitiveness

business is competitive

Business is competitive just like sports. Success is guaranteed for those with best ideas, most competent employees and best endurance under pressure. Every employer wants to hire people who will be loyal and fight for the company goals until the end.

Competitiveness is the basis of sports. Every athlete tries to be better than the other one in order to win. They have to assess the opponent and endure harsh physical and mental conditions. This is something business and sports have in common the most. You have to be prepared to handle the challenges no matter how big or demanding they appear.

Final thoughts

All those years playing sports are more than just amazing memories you have from your college days. These abilities and skills gained through active participation in sports will be an asset in the business world and something many employers will look for.