5 Things Every Casanova Needs in His Apartment

Written by  Cooper Klein
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In a perfect world, everyone’s a Casanova and the ladies no longer have to laugh at bad jokes, tolerate beer bellies, fake the thrill in the bedroom or worry if they’ll be humiliated with their man’s behavior, one way or the other. However, in reality – things are different. Women are complex beings and they do need more than a clean sofa to be impressed. On that note, this time around, we are talking about ways you can improve your interior and turn it into a real Casanova pad by adding a few key Casanova elements. The rest? You’ll have to work on that on your own.


A bar

5 Things Every Casanova Needs in His Apartment

No, not the tacky kind with fluorescent lights. A bar equipped with a proper coffee maker, wine glasses, matching plates and a set of cutlery is a must for every guy who wants to be taken seriously. Bonus points if you’ve got both white and red wine glasses!

A neat bathroom

Nothing makes for as big of a turn off as a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned since WWI. An attractive man that cares about his image should make his bathroom the reflection of his lifestyle, his persona and the respect he has for the other party. Organize your shelves, your bathroom vanity, put out clean towels and bathroom mats… and start leading a lifestyle you aren’t embarrassed to include anyone into.

An actual bedroom… and bedroom furniture

5 Things Every Casanova Needs in His Apartment

A pullout sofa is a perfect solution for your drunk friend who crashes at your place every once in a while, but not for a woman you bring back home. Having bedroom furniture is essential! For things to work out to your advantage, make sure you have a bedroom that allows privacy and a closet/dresser/walk-in closet/etc. for storage. The chair (yes, we all know the chair) has overstayed its welcome and it’s now time you turned to more civilized clothing storage space like actual closets and dressers. Keep your clothes clean and neatly folded.

Proper bedding

Mismatching sheets or no sheets at all were maybe charming back in college, but a grown man, and one who wants to play his seduction card, needs proper bedding to be even considered by a lady. Unless you already have the bedding, the next time you go shopping, make sure you buy a white sheet set, two sleeping pillows, quality blanket(s), two more pillows in a standard size, a spare set of sheets and a duvet together with the down comforter (optional) and a duvet set for the down comforter (optional). It really isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

Furniture & ornaments in the welcome room

No matter how small or big your apartment is, it needs to have a structure that at least resembles a living space. Furniture is the best way to manipulate your space and give it a wonderfully homey, charming atmosphere that says “welcome, please stay” instead of “please go, I’ve got nowhere for you to sit”. Still, you have to be careful about the furniture you are choosing; you don’t want your house to look like a frat house instead of a grown-up space. So, equip your home with high-quality, properly designed couches that agree with the overall style of your pad, and think of throw pillows to add a little charm and coziness. Include wall art into the space, preferably personal (masculine) posters and meaningful quotes, photos or pictures.

Frame your favorite movie poster (i.e. Die Hard, Django Unchained, Bucket List, etc.), your old boxing gloves, your favorite inspirational quote, etc. to add thoughtfulness to the place. Make sure you’ve got proper lighting, too: dim lights, beautifully designed lamps, corner lamps, and similar all work beautifully when placed in a proper manner. Plus, they add a romantic feel to the mix.

Well, Casanova… we’ve listed the basics. There’s a lot more to add to the list but you should first make sure you’ve got the essentials covered, okay?  Good luck with the space, and the ladies – of course!