3 Steps to Setting Up the Ultimate Man Cave

Written by  Jeff E. Brown
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Ulitmate Man Cave

Ultimate Man Cave


Your home is a place where you should be able to fully relax and enjoy free time on your own or in the company. However, if your home is like many others, the living room, kitchen and other areas may be overrun by the kids and their friends or your wife and her friends at different times. It may seem impossible to find a quiet space in your home that is ideal for kicking back and watching the game, playing video games or even jamming out with a few of your musically-inclined friends.

While this is a common and frustrating challenge that many men face, the solution is relatively straightforward. You need a man cave. A man cave is a room that is dedicated entirely to you. This may be a room that you escape to for a few hours after a hard day at work so that you can relax in peace. It may be a place where you and your buddies to hang out together on the weekends. Before you can enjoy regular use of your man cave, you need to set up the ultimate space in your home.



The first step to take when you are creating a man cave is to choose the right space in your home. This could be a spare bedroom, an unfinished space above the garage, an old hobby shed that is detached from your home or some other space. Ideally, this space will be large enough to accommodate all of your man cave plans, and it also will be relatively removed from the primary living areas to give you the privacy that you crave.

The space that you select will directly impact the cost of your project. For example, some spaces may already have insulation, flooring, drywall, HVAC service and electrical wiring. These are typically viewed as essentials if you want to have a comfortable man cave, and the cost to complete an unfinished space can be expensive.

You may even want to outfit the space with sound-proofing elements, a ceiling fan, kitchen facilities, a wet bar or a private bathroom. Depending on the proximity of your man cave space to some of these existing features in your home, it may or may not be worth the money to add these upgrades. However, do not overlook the importance of lighting in your man cave. Lighting is essential for function and for ambiance. LED lights are an excellent choice, and there are many styles to choose from. Spotlights, ambiance lighting and other types of fixtures can be combined to give you ultimate control over lighting in your space.

One final factor to consider when selecting your space is the overall theme or décor of the space. What colors will you use? Do you need to change the materials in the room, or can you use existing materials? These factors can affect the time and cost to complete the setup of your man cave.


STEP 2: Furniture and Entertainment

Decide what the primary activities that will be enjoyed in the room are. For example, will you and your friends watch sports on TV, play pool or jam out on your guitars? The features necessary for these activities should be a focal point in the space, and you should add spotlighting on these areas so that they stand out and are functional.

Regardless of how you plan to use the room, you need to have comfortable seating for you and your friends. A few tables should be placed strategically so that you can rest drinks and snacks on them.

Install an incredible electronics system in the room. This may include a large screen or projector TV, surround sound and even wireless Internet service. Regardless of whether you have a wet bar in your man cave, you can always install a small refrigerator and bar-style seating. This is a great place for serving drinks to your friends or setting up chips and other snacks.

For an extra touch of fun, think about adding more gaming or recreational features. If space permits, you can install an arcade or pinball game machine, a jukebox, indoor golfing, a poker table or even a small stage for jam sessions.


STEP 3: Decorations

Even when you take these steps to outfit your man cave, it may still not seem complete. Decorating may not be something that most men enjoy doing, but a few steps to personalize this space can make it feel more comfortable to you and your friends. A few excellent ideas include hanging posters of your favorite movies or athletes or even displaying some of your personal trophies or sports memorabilia.

You can also add some cool gadgets to your space that makes it truly special. For example, you can add a standing globe display that opens up to reveal a hidden bar area. You can also add a humidor if you enjoy smoking cigars, special scotch glasses that have a rolling bottom rather than a flat bottom, a dart board, a skee-ball machine or something else. Take a close look at the space available in your man cave. Strategically plan out all of the features that you want in it, but ensure that you do not create an overcrowded space that feels cramped and unpleasant to be in.


If your home is not as peaceful or functional as you would like it to be, now is the time to take action. Carving out a section of your home to be used as a man cave is a great idea. Walking through these steps will get you well on your way toward enjoying your own private man cave.