What to Prioritize for a Home Office

Written by  mlaurey87
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The features, equipment and more that you have access to while working from home may impact your concentration level, your productivity and more.

Many home-based workers have a strong desire to reduce expenses in every reasonable way possible. One of the areas that you may skimp on in an effort to reduce costs is setting up and maintaining a home office. However, the features, equipment and more that you have access to while working from home may impact your concentration level, your productivity and more. With this in mind, you should make thoughtful additions and upgrades to your working space without guilt.

1. Technology

Technological advancements are one of the primary reasons why so many people are able to work remotely, and you may understandably rely on technology for communication, work activities, organization, business and financial management and more. Setting up your home office with adequate technology is a necessity. The most obvious equipment that most at-home workers need is a reliable and fast computer.


Pay attention to the size and clarity of the screen so that you do not strain your eyes. Look for a system with at least 1 TB hard drive and SSD drives. Remember that you will be on this computer for up to or even more than eight hours each day, so it should be purely functional for all of your needs. You may even find that a quality computer lasts longer, and there is cost-savings in this over the long run.

You may also need access to mobile technology if you will spend even some of your day on-the-go. Your smartphone should be fast and easy to use. It needs adequate storage for your necessary apps. In addition, you may benefit from other gadgets for remote working, such as travel adapters or a power bank. Remember that these are only some of the technological tools that you may need to complete your work tasks. Avoid buying the cheapest options, and choose equipment that is truly ideal for your various functions.

2. A Designated Work-Space

A home office is another necessity if you work from home. After all, it is not ideal or practical to camp out on the couch or at the dining room table day after day. In addition, these areas may be distracting and even uncomfortable. In some cases, working in these locations may negatively affect the ability of others inside the home to use the spaces as they are primarily intended to be used. Creating a dedicated home office, such as in a spare bedroom, can help you to be more productive.

When you set up your home office, invest in an ergonomic chair that helps you to remain safe and comfortable while you are working for hours each day. This can prevent injuries and may even bolster productivity. Look for a chair made out of quality material and that has adjustment features for height, seat depth, lumbar support and more.

Your desk also is an important feature in your home office. Ensure that it is large enough for all of your necessary tasks. However, also pay attention to the space available. You may need a desk with a hutch to maximize vertical space in some cases. Pay attention to the size and placement of drawers as well. Choose a configuration that works well for the space available.

Another important element for a home office is lighting. If possible, set up a home office in an area with large windows that let natural light into the room. You can address poor lighting in a room by using a combination of task lighting placed behind your computer screen as well as ambient lighting. LED lights can reduce energy consumption and can keep your office space cooler.

3. Relaxation

While working from home makes it easier to achieve a positive work-life balance, remember that your work location will not solve all of your challenges. Remember to set clear cut work hours, and step away from all aspects of your work at your scheduled quitting time. For example, do not leave your computer in sight when you are relaxing at night.

You can also treat yourself to a break periodically throughout the day to do some yoga poses or to take a brisk walk. Plan more significant breaks, such as a weekend trip to a spa. You can also pamper yourself by working your pajamas for half the day rather than rushing to get dressed first thing in the morning.

The setup of your home office and the features in it are completely at your discretion. You could make hasty decisions about your furnishings and equipment, and these decisions may make your many long hours working each day truly uncomfortable. The best home office is practical as well as comfortable. If you are preparing to set up a home office or if you need to update your space, focus your attention on these three important factors as priorities.