Finest Mattress That Uses Technology to Track Your Dreams

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Technology for MattressTechnology for Mattress

The new technology is evolving and, with every day, new discoveries are being made. The cool thing about this is that most of the new tech is aimed at making our lives easier and it doesn’t just exist for devices like phones and tablets. Nowadays, regular things can be made smart with a few sensors and a bit of techy goodness like Technology for Mattress.

For instance, most of the appliances in our home are smart. There are smart refrigerators, smart ovens, and the list can easily go on and on. However, scientists didn’t stop here as they started focusing on the way we sleep.

Sleep is very important in the way we function as human beings and any disturbances can throw us off track. Not to mention that, with the fast-paced, busy lives we lead, sleep is usually considered a nuisance rather than a way to relax and recharge. This type of behavior is at the very root of many disorders and diseases (like anxiety, increased stress, aggressivity, and more) which is why many new technologies focus on monitoring sleep and offering advice on how to improve it.

This is why many fitness bracelets also offer the possibility to monitor you in your sleep and offer a detailed report on the type of sleep you get (agitated, deep, shallow, or other types). Still, monitoring devices that go on your wrist are not extremely accurate and this is why scientist didn’t stop here. The result? Mattresses with sensors that can track your sleep and communicate with your phone!

It may sound a bit on the futuristic side, but there are some interesting products out there that come with integrated technology. Of course, the offer includes some cool devices as well – these make the passing from a regular mattress to a smart bed.

To make sure I understand the trend correctly, I did a bit of research on the different types of mattresses and I asked Try Mattress specialists about the new technologies in the niche. Based on what I’ve Iearned, below you can read about the finest mattresses and bedding devices that use technology in today’s market.

Beddit Smart 3

This is a device (doesn’t come integrated into the mattress), but it is totally unobtrusive and you won’t even feel it’s presence under the sheets. The sensor is ultra-thin and must be placed under your top sheets so it can get in touch with your body while you sleep. Basically, you’ll be sleeping on top of it.

While you sleep, Beddit Smart 3 gathers information on your sleep quality, heart and respiration rate, and duration of sleep which it sends to your smartphone. This way, when you wake up you’ll have a well—designed report on how good your sleep actually was.

Withings Aura

This is another device, but this time the sensor pad goes under the mattress. Just like the one mentioned above, the Aura will collect data on your heart and respiration rate, sleeping pattern, length of sleep, and motion.

The pad underneath the mattress is connected to a lamp-shaped device that should sit on your nightstand and that is used to manage your sleep. According to the data received from the pad, the lamp device will calculate when it’s the best time to wake you from slumber. But it’s not just an alarm clock; it will also help you fall asleep by playing music or your favorite radio station (these will fade away as you’re getting sleepy).

It also emits a red, glowing light that helps with the sleep and keeps track of your sleeping behavior.

The Smart Mattress Cover

We’re finally talking about a mattress paired with new technology to track your sleep. The idea behind this is to use a regular mattress and a Smart Mattress Cover that has all the sensors that collect the data and send it to your phone. Now, you can buy these two elements together, as part of one product, or you can use a cover like Smart Tracker to update your old mattress to a new version.
Regardless of the type of monitor you choose, I think it’s best to keep accurate track of your sleeping habits. This way you’ll be able to prevent any problems that and take the necessary measures to correct your behavior.