Top 5 Christmas Outfits

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Top 5 outfits to wear this Christmas

Christmas is the time to be together with the people that matter to you, but it is also the moment when you’re getting ready to end a year, with its good and not so good parts, and prepare to embrace another year. But it also means that you’ll attend Christmas parties, dinners, get-togethers, and other events. Finding the right attire for the occasion can be tricky, especially if you want to look good and trendy as well. So, we selected 5 of the best Christmas Outfits, for a sharp appearance no matter where you go.

1. Checked suit

Christmas Outfits

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Let’s say you have a Christmas party at work and you were thinking about putting on a suit, trying not to look dull at the same time. Well, considering that checkers are hot this season, you should opt for a checkers suit. In case you want to attract sufficient attention while blending in as well, opt for a dark background color with contrasting lines, a white shirt, and nicely polished shoes. Just try not to exaggerate when it comes to choosing the pattern because everybody will start looking at you instead of admiring the Christmas tree.

2. Switch the shirt with a turtleneck

Christmas Outfits

Overcoat & Roll Neck

If you’re having dinner with your girlfriend’s parents, this is definitely an outfit you need to consider. Opt for a rather formal two-piece suit, in a sober color like dark green, blue, or even red, and wear it with a turtleneck that has a complementary color, instead of the traditional shirt. Add a pair of ankle-high boots and a nice hairdo and you’re ready to go. Her parents will simply adore the conservative yet relaxed and cozy apparel you chose for the Christmas evening.

3. Jeans and sweaters

christmas outfit

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Spending the Christmas evening with your friends or attending a Christmas party where casual attires are okay? Then you could easily go for a pair of jeans in lighter colors, like washed designs, a casual checked shirt, a nice V-neck cardigan with buttons, and casual shoes. Just don’t forget to tuck in the collar of your shirt for a clean outfit. This apparel is the ideal compromise between casual and slightly formal attires, due to the light color of the jeans and the presence of the cardigan instead of the good old suit.

4. Be the fashion icon of the Christmas party

christmas party outfit

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If you like mixing things up in order to obtain original outfits, you will love this one. In case you are trying to display a bolder and creative look, play with textures and patterns. So, choose a wool sweater, preferable with a checkered pattern, dark selvage denim pants, a blazer made out of velvet, and a pair of Chelsea boots. Most certainly you will manage to be an interesting and pleasant appearance.

5. A casual and relaxed evening

casual christmas outfit

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If you don’t have to respect a strict dress code and would like to wear something comfortable, especially if you have to spend a couple of hours at work before the Christmas dinner, you may want to take things down a notch when it comes to your outfit. So, a pair of pants with a loose fit and elastic waistband will provide the comfort you need. Choose them in black color and pair them with a white Polo T-shirt, a blazer made out of Merino wool, and white leather sneakers. The Polo T-shirt and blazer will add a note of distinction to your relaxed outfit, considering that it is Christmas and you should look special, even if it’s just a bit.