How to Be a Nice Guy Who Gets the Girls

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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nice guyDo you know what women want in a man?

They want a man who’s adventurous, passionate, and confident. They want a man who takes them on an emotional roller-coaster ride. They just want a nice guy. Wait? What? The last sentence confused you, right? I mean, we all know that women are not looking for a boring fart. You probably also know that having traveled to one or two countries can make you more attractive. But I’m pretty sure you didn’t know that being nice is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. I’m dead serious. Just ask any woman. She’ll tell you that she wants a nice guy. And it makes sense. No woman wakes up in the morning with the desire to meet an abusive asshole who beats her with his belt. That’s not what women want. Unfortunately, that’s what some women get, even the ones who are looking for a nice guy. The question is: Why? Well, it’s because women have a different image in mind when they think about a nice guy than men. In other words, a woman wants a man who treats her good, but she doesn’t want the infamous “nice guy”. Let’s find out how you can become the nice guy that women really want…

What You Feel When She Calls You a Nice Guy

How does it make you feel when I tell you that you’re such a nice guy? I’m sure you want to punch me in the face. You’ve probably heard it before from a woman. But not just from any woman. You’ve heard it from a woman you wanted to date. And the moment she said it, you felt like throwing up. “You’re such a nice guy, but…” It always ends with but. What comes after but? Usually something along the lines of “I just don’t feel it” or “you are not my type” or the worst of all “you will make another girl really happy”. Ouch, that hurts. These sentences are the reason why men all over the world are terribly afraid of being called a nice guy. If they only knew that being nice, friendly, and well-mannered is not the problem. Get out of the friend zone! The problem is that the so-called “nice guys” are not even that nice. They are liars. Yes, I said it and I won’t take it back. Nice guys are liars because the biggest mistake they make (I also made it in the past) is to lie to the women they want. They pretend to be the good friend, even though they fantasize about her every night. They pretend to have no interest in her, even though they imagine themselves walking hand in hand with her. That’s phony. That’s fake. And women punish you for this behavior. The real reason why women date assholes has nothing to do with their negative behavior. It has everything to do with the fact that assholes, jerks, or however you want to call them, are unapologetically honest.

The Real Reason Why Women Date Assholes

No emotionally healthy woman wants to be abused. That’s a fact. Women want men who treat them with respect. They want relationships that are based on love, compassion, and romance, not on abuse, pain, and violence. Nevertheless, some women end up with complete assholes and millions of men all over the world believe that that’s what women want. Well, it’s not. Unfortunately, dating these guys is their only choice. Women are inherently attracted to men with certain qualities. It’s their biological programing and there’s nothing that they, you, or any other guy on this planet can do about it. They are attracted to men who display these qualities and unfortunately, the bad boys display them. What about the nice guys? They hide them. They have these qualities. Every man has them. But they hide them under a mask of niceness because they believe that pleasing a woman, doing everything she wants, and agreeing with everything she says is the fastest way into her panties. Wake up! This is the fastest way to lose her. Stop wasting your time pretending to be someone you are not. Stop being such a nice guy and start learning from the guys who don’t deserve her.

What You Can Learn from the So-Called Bad Boys

You can learn a lot from the men you call bad boys, assholes and jerks. You might not want to believe it and you might not want to accept the fact that they have at least some attractive qualities. But they do. Their confidence is one of those qualities. A bad boy doesn’t walk up to a girl with shaking knees and a shivering voice. He walks up to a woman with a smile on his face and the belief that he can get her. He believes in himself. I don’t say that you can develop a strong self-confidence overnight. It’s a journey and the so called quick fix doesn’t exist. But one day you have to start this journey, so why not today? Work on your self-confidence. It pays off. Another quality that’s extremely attractive is honesty. I already mentioned that but I really want you to understand how important that is and how dishonest most guys are in the presence of women. Just think about the last date you had. Did you tell her that you like her? Did you tell her that you consider her attractive? Did you tell her that you want to meet her again? A so-called asshole or jerk would speak the truth. A nice guy lies. These “nice” lies are the real reason why women don’t want to date nice guys. It’s not because they are nice or friendly. It’s because they don’t say what they feel, think, and want. The next time you meet a woman, I want you to say exactly what’s on your mind. You’ll be amazed at how this will turn the tables.

Why You Should Not Become One of Them

I want you to understand one thing. Just because you learn from the jerks and bad boys doesn’t mean that you should become one. That’s the last thing I want. Yes, you should look at their qualities and think about which of these qualities can turn you into a better man and a better lover. But please don’t look at their negative qualities and see them as an inspiration.
Believe me, that’s not what you want. It’s also not what women want. The last thing a woman wants is an abusive man, even though there are reasons why some of them stay in these relationships. No, women want men who treat them with respect. They want men who love them and take care of them. Be a good man with a few bad boy qualities. That’s what women really want.