Mens Winter Layering, Styling and Color Coordination

Written by  Carmine Mastropierro
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Winter layering, styling and accessories


The winter season is when you can show off your true fashion skills. Layering while wearing your favorite boots and outerwear are some of the best parts of it. If you’re freezing though you won’t be able to fully enjoy it so staying warm is crucial. While you might have a big coat and all the right attire, some times the details matter the most. In this case, it’s the accessories you wear that will keep you warmed up and breezing through the cold weather. Today we are going to touch upon the ideal winter accessories to look and feel good this season.

The Ideal Winter Accessories

A Quality Scarf

Your neck is perhaps the most sensitive part on your body so it needs to be protected from the cold weather. The easiest way to do so is by sporting a scarf which is both functional and stylish. Scarves have been used for hundreds of years all across the world as a staple accessory. You should have some fun with yours too so try experimenting with different textures, patterns and colors. Some like to look at it like a pocketsquare, it’s a finishing touch to your outfit and adds some personality.

Scarves come in a variety of fabrics of course which all have their pros and cons. One of the most common is wool which is the king of winter materials. It’s thick, warm, and durable which is why it’s also crafted into so many winter items like coats and sweaters. Cashmere will be a bit more pricey but offers a smoother and softer feeling you may enjoy more. Finally, silk is a surprisingly good scarf fabric because it’s smooth and lightweight. At the end of the day, opt for a fabric that’s in your price range because they all do the job well.

Warm Gloves

Winter layering, styling and accessories

Just like your neck, your hands are another very sensitive part of your body. If you’ve ever been caught outside in the winter without gloves then you understand the pain of frozen hands. You have some variety in terms of material and style including:

  1. The mitten: A traditional option for winter. They help retain more heat in your hands and can be composed of wool, fleece, leather or synthetics. Some mittens may even feature an outer shell that further protects your hand from the elements.
  2. Gloves with insulation: A fitted glove normally made up of leather with soft lining. It is common to see these worn with suits or formal attire since they are low-key and keep your hands warm.
  3. Smartphone gloves: Many people love being on their phones these days so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. These gloves feature finger tip pads that enable for heat to pass through meaning you can easily be doing things on your smartphone without hindrance.

Don’t Forget A Hat

Hats don’t have to be overly fancy as a simple one can look fashionable and keep your head warm. You lose most of your body heat from the top of your head so it only makes sense to wear something to stop that. One of the most versatile hats is the classic toque. In a black, gray or navy it matches the winter season while doing it’s job perfectly. If you like to have a bit more fun with your style, try out a ushanka or chullo. Newsboy caps are also a wise choice but your ears get exposed so toss on some earmuffs if you do. For any hat a quality wool or cashmere is a great fabric to choose from.


Socks -Winter layering, styling and accessories

A true fashionable gentlemen appreciates the fine details in life and in style. Socks are a some times forgotten item in the menswear world but give more love to them this winter. Investing into a pair of quality socks will keep your feet feeling great all day. Along with a durable pair of boots, you won’t be bothered for a moment this winter. A good rule to follow is to keep your socks matching your pants which creates a streamlined appearance.

Avoid ankle socks or ones with short length and stick to mid calf styles. Merino wool and cashmere like other accessories are the ideal fabric but cotton can be good if the weather warms up a bit. Wool blends are a nice middle ground since they are more breathable and absorb moisture.


You probably saw this coming but you need to be warm head to toe in the winter so that means good underwear. Specifically during the cold months, a pair of long johns will be one of your best friends. They cover your entire lower body down to your ankles and are designed to insulate warmth. Many will come with a thermal shirt you can wear as well if needed. Since you will be layering up a bunch it might be best to find a cotton polyester blend to avoid overheating.

If you want to be one of the best dressed guys around this winter, focus on your accessory game. A good scarf, pair of gloves, hat, socks and underwear are key. Stick to warm materials like wool, cashmere or even blends and you’ll never feel better.