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Winter is right around the corner! So, to spice things up a bit and keep us warm until December we want to introduce the gorgeous New Jersey native, Alyssa Yannuzzi. She is our newest #PinstripeHottie and we are sure burning up over here. If you don’t know her then today is your chance to get personal with her. Her beautiful green eyes will captivate you. Yes we are looking at her eyes, stay focus. Keep reading to learn more about Alyssa below.

1. What’s your nationality/ethnicity?
– I am Italian

2. MMM, I love me some Italian Food. What’s your favorite food?
-Duh, Pizza and Mozzarella sticks!

3. Ok, let’s eat and stalk your Instagram. It seems you have traveled a bit. What is your favorite place?
-That’s a hard choice because I have been to so many beautiful places and made so many memories but I would say my favorite trip would be my trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Alyssa Yannuzzi

4. Since we are stalking your Instagram is there anyone that you follow on social media that inspires you?
-That’s a really good question because I actually don’t check my followers and the type of people who follow me. Is that bad? hahah

5. Nope, it is all good. So what is one positive thing you can say to our audience/followers?
-Time is the only thing you can’t get back in life. Today is the youngest you will ever be so do what makes you happy and spend as much time as you can with the people you love.

6. Who are some people you recommend our readers follow or should know about?
– I have this weird opinion on social media and some people may not like what I am going to say but I feel a lot of things are fake. I like to get to know people personally instead of just viewing their social media. I have met so many people over the years that I have looked up too and then found out that it wasn’t even that individual running their social media or they were just not the type of person I thought they were. It is really hard to find genuine people nowadays and I feel like social media is sometimes a curtain to a lot of b^ll$h!t

Alyssa Yannuzzi

7. Ok, let’s forget about social media and chat about something else. Besides modeling what else do you do that you consider your passion?
– I love to create. Anything that has to do with videography and photography is so much fun for me. I love editing/cutting up videos. I also have always had a passion for wanting to create my own line, which is what I am currently working on.

8. That is awesome! What’s your 9-5 or other side business and how do you spend your days?
– I went to college for Accounting and sitting behind a desk from 9-5 plus overtime just wasn’t how I envision myself living right now. I started making money off of my social media and getting paid to model so I figured I might as well take advantage of this opportunity now while I am young and can do these things. I also have been working on launching my business called No Basic Styles.

9. Well, you are definitely not BASIC so, what would you say is your best feature/asset?
-I like my smile and my eyes… my butt too haha

10. Yes we agree and like more too. HA! What do you look in a guy when dating?
-I like to laugh, so someone who is funny!

11. What type of guys are you interested in, do you have a type?
-I feel like I was judged a lot by guys because of my past relationship (that was all over social media) where they feel they need to impress me with money or materialistic things and I get so mad! My ex never tried to win me over with those things, I started to like him because of how funny he was. If you know me, then you would know I don’t care about any of those things at all. I genuinely care about being with someone who makes me laugh/happy because at the end of the day if you both lost it all tomorrow, would you still be happy?

12. We assume you are talking about the relationship with Gerard Adams? Is that still a thing?
-No it is not!

13. Care to elaborate?
-Gerard and I are still friends. We talk all the time and still do business together. He will always be a big part of my life. I am very thankful for the last three years I have spent with him. I have learned so much about myself, relationships, men, life, etc..

14. What is something that annoys you from men or someone you are dating?
– I have a lot of patience to be honest. It takes a lot to annoy me but if I really had to say something it would just be when I am trying to have a serious conversation and a man can’t get off his phone and pay attention to what I have to say, so I can then shut up and move forward haha. I don’t like to drag out a fight so if I’m upset I just want resolve it ASAP.

15. Yes, guys need to listen more and definitely get off the phone when out with their woman. I think many people struggle with that now 🙂 So, where do you normally hang out?
In New York City if I am in town. Shout out Bagatelle haha my friends are going to laugh when they see this.

16. What type of music do you listen to?
I love hip-hop/rap music

17. What can you tell our male readers on how to get a woman like you?
-I think all women are the same and just want to be with a guy who stays faithful and is honest. No women wants their man out in the world making her look stupid.

18. What’s the most exciting and adventurous thing you have done?
-A few months ago I last minute decided to spontaneously move to LA and had about 4 days to pack and move because I had booked a flight. I was scrolling down my emails and saw weeks ago I was invited by a swimsuit brand to travel too Turks and Caicos with a +1 for 4 days for a shoot. By the time I saw the email, the flight left the next day and my flight home landed hours before my flight was booked to move too LA. I called my girl Tess, asked if she wanted to come with me and she said yes so we packed our bags, went to Turks, I flew back to NYC grabbed the rest of my stuff and moved to Los Angeles!

19. What are your future plans in the next 3 years?
– I plan to continue building my personal brand along with working on my business and seeing where it takes me. I take things day by day. I have goals I set for myself but I am a realist.

20. What’s your favorite section on PinstripeMag.com
-The Women We Love section, of course!

21. What is something you would like to see on PinstripeMag.com
– I would like to see more interviews where women get out of their comfort zone and be totally real with their viewers.

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