Color is the New Black | How This FW17 Trend Can Boost Your Mood

Written by  afua danso
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As showcased on the runways for Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s Fashion Week collections around the globe, one big trend you just can’t miss is the use of bright, vibrant colors. And with fall season upon us, the sun setting earlier, the weather getting colder and the autumn leaves changing color before they fall, you may feel more comfortable dressing in darker hues. However, this seemingly simple, practical or habitual absence of color in your wardrobe can actually dampen your mood.

color trendSure, black goes with everything, yet this season is not about blending in; it is about standing out! Plus, black can flat out be a downer. It is the most popular funeral tone after all—depressing, right? So, in addition to paying homage to the 90s by boldly mixing patterns and sporting oversized, baggy pieces, bright—and even fluorescent—shades are all the rage right now. Embracing this cheerful trend is a win-win that will keep you fashion-forward, while livening up your look, mood and attitude. Here’s some insight on what brighter hues can do for you.

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You’ll bring the sunshine in on a cloudy day when you wear yellow. This color emits happiness and joy, while encouraging mental clarity and increased concentration. Whether its woven into your necktie, laced into your dress-casual footwear, or illuminates your raincoat, “mellow yellow” radiates consistency coupled with a “can-do” attitude, so you can get more done even during those dreary winter months.

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If you tend to hibernate (or hide) during the darker, colder months, then orange can help bring you out of your shell. This warm, earthy autumn tone is associated with socializing, meeting people and making new friends, as well as good health. Orange can also assist you with adapting to change, and spark a desire of adventure. From dress shirts to accessories, this shade can swiftly switch up your seasonal game.

color trend for menGreen

Green signifies growth, rebirth and fertility, and is a “bridge” color that helps create balance between yourself and others. It is universally connected with nature and the environment—so much so that “green” has become a verb and symbol of ecology. Considered lucky and even holy in some cultures, there are more shades of green than any other color. From lime to emerald to teal to jade to neon green, the style possibilities are endless with this stimulating, socially conscious shade.


Yes, real men wear pink. A mix of red and white, pink allows you to show off your feminine side, blending the passion and power of red with the insight and success of white to render a shade of love, compassion and giving, along with positive energy, peace and relaxation. This highly versatile hue ranges from pale to hot, and can take the centerstage of your ensemble, or serve as an inviting highlight to complement your look.

color trend for menNavy Blue

If diving into all these rainbow tones freaks you out, don’t despair. Wearing navy blue is cool way to show some color while still sticking to the tried and true. While all blue hues have a calming, aquatic quality, darker shades of blue represent creativity, intelligence, knowledge, power and professionalism. Like black, navy blue also exudes elegance and sophistication, making it great for interviews and serving as a neutral, nautical base for virtually any outfit.

As we fall into winter, style yourself in colors that inspire you and motivate the way you wish to feel. Even a pop of color can go a long way in changing your look and outlook on life for all seasons.

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