Six New Truly Mind-Blowing Technologies

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Now that we’re all walking around with tiny super computers in our pockets, a reality that would have seemed bonkers fifteen years ago, is it even possible to be surprised by new technology? The answer is unequivocally, yes. Here are six new technologies that are so mind-blowing that they may even inspire you to look up from your super computer and take notice.

1. PowerRay Underwater Drone

With the immense popularity of flying drones, it is perhaps no surprise that an underwater version would be next. One of several on the market, the PowerRay caught the imagination of attendees at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and can be used to find, attract and record fish in water up to 98 feet deep. The top-of-the-line drone includes a virtual reality (VR) headset that allows users to experience their underwater exploration as it happens without getting wet.

2. Neofect Rapael Smart Glove

Watching the Neofect Smart Glove in action conjures visions of the Bionic Man. The glove is a mechanical exoskeleton that fits over the hand and aids in rehabilitation by using sensors to measure finger and wrist movements. The genius of the technology is that it uses a game to take patients through their therapy process. The glove is not just fun, it’s effective — the Rapael was proven to work better than conventional rehabilitation therapy.

3. SpaceX Falcon

Earlier this year, the SpaceX Falcon launched a previously used rocket for the first time in space flight history. This may not seem particularly impressive, but what it means for the future of space travel is definitely mind-blowing. Rockets can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and in the past they could only be used once. A reusable rocket means space exploration is now easier. And better yet, civilian space travel is a real possibility.

4. Nintendo Switch

No list of exciting technology would be complete without something for gamers. Nintendo’s new gaming console is truly an all-in-one device. In its cradle, the Nintendo Switch can display games on your TV and function as your at-home gaming console, but on its own the Switch is mobile enough to be your on-the-go device, too. The most exciting aspect of the Switch is that it features two controllers that pop off the sides so you can play multiplayer games anywhere.

5. Qualcomm Mobile Processor

One of the coolest pieces of technology is not a gadget but the tech behind the device — the Qualcomm Snapdragon series of mobile processors. Qualcomm has come out with a line of mobile processors that feature breakneck speed, quick charge capabilities and enhanced security features. The fastest mobile processors will improve your smartphones, tablets and mobile VR, make the graphics look better and your extend your battery life.

6. Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s all-electric cars have been around for awhile but have been mostly out of reach to the average car buyer. The Tesla Model 3 sedan starts at a much more affordable $35,000 (before federal tax incentives) and can drive up to 220 miles on one charge. Tesla expects the first Model 3’s to roll off the line by the end of the year.
From space rockets to mobile processors to electric cars, there is so much exciting stuff happening in the tech world and not all of it comes in the form of a new smartphone (although those are pretty great, too).