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Written by  Marv Valladares
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Juan Carlos Anglero | Dream Hoodie

Juan Carlos Anglero  | Dream Hoodie 3.0

Hoodies are such a staple in men’s clothing and we are sure every guy out there has a hoodie in his closet. However, do you have the right hoodie ready for everyday battle? Get Armored up with the Dream Hoodie 3.0.

Pinstripe Magazine introduces Juan Carlos Anglero’s new project, Dream Hoodie 3.0 | The Superior Hoodie, which features headphone eyelet, interior smartphone pocket, Italian leather elbow patch, sleek metal tips and my two favorites a lover’s pocket and convertible travel eye mask. What is a lover’s pocket you ask? This is a pocket on the back of the hoodie made for your lover to store their hand while they hug and hold you. The travel eye mask is genius. Every time I travel I get cold on the airplane. Then, I have to carry a separate eye mask to get some sleep on the plane. Well not anymore! With the Dream Hoodie, I can stay warm and have my travel eye mask already zipped on to my hoodie for some sky-high nap.

Dream Hoodie

The Dream Hoodie 3.0 launched July 7th and you can get yours by clicking here. We caught up with Juan Carlos Anglero so he can tell us more about himself and his vision.

• So when did you start designing and did you go to school for Fashion Design?

I went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in 2002 for pattern making, which basically teaches you how to construct a garment, an architect cannot deliver without an engineer.  I started designing sportswear in 2007 but I was more interested in actually selling my product, I had a selling job my entire career of fashion. I learned a lot about what customers really want from the experience and it has been extremely valuable for me to create a hoodie that people won’t take off.

• Where did your idea for the hoodie come from?

Luckily because of my previous jobs at Dolce & Gabbana, Barneys, John Varvatos, Dior, etc. I wore the best clothes but on my days off I would always go to my favorite hoodie. I noticed as well my friends in the industry wearing hoodies during brunch, gym and walking their dogs, so in 2006 the idea of specializing in premium hoodies started brewing in my head. I launched my first collection with a partner in 2007.

• Any plans to design anything else?

Yes, but I want to concentrate on hoodies first, casual hoodies, elegant hoodies, dog hoodies, kid’s hoodies, cashmere hoodies, the list is endless. I would rather be a specialist on one product than offering a collection like everyone else. I want to be different.

• What do you do full time or is this your only project?

Luckily Anglero New York is my only project right now. I manage everything from design, sales, marketing, sourcing and production. It’s important for me to be familiar with all aspects of my business.

Dream Hoodie 3.0

• I know you are doing something for nonprofit, please tell us more

Each year I upgrade my signature hoodie. One of the new features of Dream Hoodie 3.0 is to attach a cause to the brand. I decided to donate 20% of my company’s profit to support orphanages and finance the kids’ education after they turn 18. I was introduced to an orphanage with 22 kids in Peru and learned that the kids there will eventually have to go on their own when they turn 18 with no help. It stayed in my head for years and inspired me to combine my passion for hoodies with my determination to help. I’ll start with the home in Peru and help more kids as the company grows. This incentive is continuing after the Kickstarter campaign ends as well.

• So why Kickstarter and how did the last two hoodies do on Kickstarter?

I love Kickstarter! I released the 1.0 and 2.0 on it and both campaigns were successful! Building a fashion brand is very cash intensive. The traditional model is to invest lots of money creating samples, selling to stores, hoping that the customers will like and purchase them at a full price. With Kickstarter, I get to present the product to my customers directly. They pre-order the hoodies in the exact sizes and colors they like. Then I produce and deliver them perfectly packaged! I’m also able to communicate with the customers and ask for their feedback, so each year I keep upgrading and perfecting my signature hoodie.

• Are there plans to do a 4.0 and a 5.0 dream hoodie?

Yes, and Yes! I have a book full of notes and ideas. I don’t want to overwhelm my hoodie so the improvements range from construction details, colors, design perspective and simple innovative features.

Dream Hoodie 3.0

• I know the fabric is from Peru but is it made in Peru, China or USA?

Correct, the fabric is from Peru which produces the king of cottons. I also produce the Dream Hoodie in Peru as well.  I love the people there! Since I was raised in Spain, I’m able to communicate with my production team to ensure the quality. I also make leather hoodies and custom hoodies here in New York.

• Would you do a custom hoodie if requested?

Absolutely! I love collaborating with customers who want one-of-a-kind pieces.

• So what do you wish our readers to know about you and/or the garment or next venture?

When I get emails saying ” Juan Carlos, I still wear your hoodie, it is my favorite!”, that’s is the most gratifying feeling in the world that people out there are wearing something you pour your heart and soul into. I want to make something that offers both style and comfort, and Dream Hoodie 3.0 is exactly that!

Dream Hoodie 3.0