Summer with Hagger Clothing Company

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summer with hagger clothing company

Summer with Hagger Clothing Company

Summer is officially here! While people typically shed their clothes when temperatures spike, have you ever thought about why more might be less? Why you should wear pants this time of year? Summer with Haggar Clothing Company is the right choice and we have ten reasons to ditch shorts and stick to pants this summer.

  1. Don’t have to worry about mosquitoes.
  2. Hides your legs when you don’t have a summer tan yet
  3. Hides your legs when you are self-conscious
  4. Lightweight fabrics don’t cling even when it’s hot
  5. Wrinkle-free is easy to pack
  6. Easy transition from work to date night
  7. No Ironing keeps you away from another hot object
  8. UPF sun protection
  9. Dressier look
  10. Moisture-wicking material soaks up any perspiration

Haggar pants include moisture-wicking fabrics that draw perspiration and heat away from the body, keeping you cooler on the job or on the golf course. A perfect example is the Cool 18 Pro pants, which translate easily from the office, to the golf course and then date night.

summer with hagger clothing company

Also, the  Premium No Iron Khaki pant is perfect for a day of travel and easy to throw in the suitcase for quick summer trips. Then there is the E-CLO Stria – a great modern look—and a cool summer conversation piece: the fabric in this pant is made from recycled water bottles!

Finally, if you are all about shorts in the summer, Haggar Clothing Co. offers some of the above styles in both pants and shorts with the same features such as moisture-wicking fabrics and no iron options.

Visit Haggar.com to check out all their menswear options. Also, stop by their Facebook and Twitter pages for giveaways, discounts and overall fashion tips for men.


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