SAMSUNG SmartCam HD Plus

Written by  Marv Valladares
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During the holidays some people need to worry about home security. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry and invest in some sort of home security than not have any at all. Other times it is just a great idea to stay connected with your love ones for free without paying for it.

Introducing the Samsung SmartCam HD Plus, the latest SmartCam monitoring camera, which amplifies security with Advanced Motion, Audio Detection.

1080pfullhdvideoThe new camera offers 1080p HD streaming, 130 degree ultra-wide angle lens and night vision capabilities up to 32 feet, enabling users to monitor a wider range of activity at their homes and businesses via mobile devices. This model includes a Motion Zone Select feature, which allows users to monitor movement in specific areas within the camera’s field of view. If you have kids or pets then this is a perfect SmartCam to have to see everything going on in one room.

The latest addition to Samsung’s extensive home security lineup also touts a sleek design with a removable base, providing you with the flexibility to position the camera in various locations for an exhaustive view of the vicinity.

The Samsung SmartCam HD Plus builds upon preceding models and includes new advancements that will empower you to virtually monitor your home or business and peacefully enjoy your travels.


Here are some of the advanced features that I enjoy:


feature-4· Motion and Audio Detection – The SmartCam HD Plus distinguishes between true motion and minor repetitive noises, such as swaying shades, falling leaves and rain. If a loud incident occurs or if person or pet enter the vicinity, the you will be immediately alerted of these events through mobile push notifications.

· Motion Zone Select – This feature allows you to monitor specific areas within the property and receive notifications about any activity in that locale. For example, if you would like to track anyone that approaches your doorway or window, you could simply draw a box around those regions and the camera would share alerts of any movement in the area. The SmartCam HD Plus permits you to select up to three motion zones in its field of view.

feature-6· Email and Mobile Notification – If the devices detects significant motion or sound in the purview, it is equipped to immediately send push and email notifications to a your cell phone. Upon receiving the alert, you will be able to monitor the occurrence in real time or set the SmartCam to record up to 30 seconds of footage for review at a later date.

· True Day and Night – The SmartCam HD Plus enables you to securely monitor your home and around the clock. An advanced IR Cut Filter allows the camera to provide accurate, vibrant colors during the day and deliver crisp video in complete darkness.

· Ultra-Wide Angle – The SmartCam HD Plus covers more ground than ever before with its expanded, 130 degree ultra-wide angle lenses. This feature will give you a more, detailed view of the property because every inch counts.

· Local Video Storage – This model has doubled the previously-allotted storage space of its predecessor, allowing you to save up to 128 GB of video on the SmartCam HD Plus through the microSD memory card. You can also leverage three recording options – set your camera to continuously record or record only when activity is detected in order to save storage space.

My absolute favorite feature though is the Two-Way Talk.

feature-3The Samsung Two-Way Talk feature lets you hear what’s going on around the camera and reply through your smartphone, no matter where you are. It’s possible to soothe your child if they wake up momentarily, encourage your pet to eat from a scheduled feeder, or give your guest a quick walkthrough of where that kitchen set is. We definitely recommend this SmartCam as a gift for him this holiday season.

The Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is now available at Costco clubs and online at www.costco.com with a MSRP at $189.99.