New Activewear RYU Respect Your Universe

Written by  Marv Valladares
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new activewear RYU

New Activewear RYU Respect Your Universe


Activewear has been really big these past few seasons but seems like 2016 was the year for newcomers to make a hit. Check out this new activewear RYU – Respect Your Universe. The company was launched earlier this year. It is a global athletic tech-style apparel brand that is defining a new category in the athletic apparel space. Providing functional and technically designed products for everyone, RYU is solving problems athletes didn’t know existed.

A style that is modern and bold, RYU allows the multi-discipline athlete and fitness enthusiasts to feel stylish and comfortable at all times and exists to facilitate athletic performance.

RYU’s clean lines, modern cut and tailored fit go hand-in-hand with with its innovative, technical design. The proprietary intellectual properties and exclusive patented processes used to achieve this look and fit are what makes RYU a truly unique brand. No more baggy gym clothes, it’s time to also look great
at the gym.

quilted_jacketMy favorite piece is the OUTLAYR INSULATED PULLOVER and MIDLAYR HOODIE. Now that winter is right around the corner these two pieces are perfect to wear to the gym. You don’t have to worry about wearing a coat to work out anymore. Who has time to go to the locker room to lock up a jacket when you can just walk right in and start stretching and working out.


The OUTLAYR INSULATED PULLOVER is water resistant and quick drying, which makes it perfect during the rain or keeping the sweat inside while running. The MIDLAYR HOODIE has a 4 way stretch + Spandex® to create comfort and freedom of movement. With so many other active brands on the market, RYU is one to respect your universe and caters the athlete who is mindful, disciplined and also respects their environment.

Learn more and see what RYU has to offer at ryu.com.


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