Weekend getaway Hartmann Duffels

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Hartmann Duffels

Hartmann Duffels

This holiday weekend getaway Hartmann Duffels can easily fit all of your essentials. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some of you will be going away for the weekend. There is no need to pack a huge suitcase. Instead, pick up any of these favorites below: Hartmann duffels19″ Hartmann Tweed Legacy Duffel
This brown leather trimmed duffel is water and stain resistant. It has removable and adjustable leather trimmed shoulder strap. It also includes leather trimmed front pockets. For $695 you can rest assure that your undergarments, toiletries and extras shirts will be comfortably stored.

Hartmann duffels21″ Hartmann Pembroke Duffel M
The luxurious duffle is made with the finest Italian leather. It has a smart sleeve and extra side pocket plus an internal slip pocket and zipped pocket. Customers can buy this bag for $895.

Guys can pick up any of these two duffels from hartmann.com and arrive to their weekend getaway in style. However, if you need to pack a different shoes and more outfits for a longer weekend then any of Hartmann’s small luggage will do the trick too.

Hartmann has been a leader in the travel goods industry. Today, Hartmann proudly crafts the finest quality luggage and leather goods to meet diverse and ever-changing travel needs.
Throughout its history, Hartmann has upheld its image as the definitive American purveyor of stylish carrying bags, always viewing luggage as a veritable fashion accessory. From creating gorgeous yet practical trunks and Pullmans for steamliner and railway travel to the development of smaller, fashionable suitcases designed specifically for travel on new commercial jets, Hartmann has always been the brand of choice for discerning travelers.