Safeguard your home Vimtag products

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Safeguard your home Vimtag products

Labor day weekend is right around the corner and most of us will be leaving our homes empty with no security system installed. However, who wants to pay a monthly fee for an alarm system and not be sure if you really need one. Therefore, before you leave anywhere on vacation this week we suggest you safeguard your home with any Vimtag product. I installed the Vimtag B1 Waterproof Cloud IP Camera and S1 Storage CloudBox before going on a two week vacation and felt at ease knowing my home was secured by Vimtag, where I can go through videos from my cloud storage at anytime.

vimtag cameraThe durable outdoor camera gives you worry free, seamless coverage of your perimeter and allows you to instantly see everything no matter where you are. It supports android, iOS system and has wireless connection, without any limitation.

vimtag storageThe S1 Cloud box is the ideal solution for storing your surveillance feeds from your home or office. You can store up to 1TB of storage. If you want more cameras outside or inside the house you can also purchase other options from the Vimtag site. Now not only do you save on a monthly fee but you can also see every activity that is going on outside or inside your house.

Vimtag B1 Waterproof Cloud IP Camera $110
S1 Cloud box $150


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