EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

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EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review. Whether you are heading out to race day, exhibiting at a trade show or setting up in your backyard to entertain, the EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent is must have outdoor gear that will keep the sun off your backs when there’s a few more people than just you and a buddy to contend with.

3rd Generation EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent ReviewThe EZ Up Professional Speed Shelter is your instant tent solution. Recently redesigned the 3rd generation Speed Shelter is easy to erect and operate. It’s fairly heavy at 58 lbs but the weight translates to more stability. The accordion style double braced oval shaped outer truss design is strong and allows the shelter to stand with confidence. This also allows for lots of places to string LED lights or hang lightweight items temporarily.

The Carbon Steel Frame comes in your choice of 6 colors and the Fabric Top comes in 25 colors which you can even have custom printed with your organization or team logo and artwork. if you need it in a hurry, they can even rush your order in 24 hours! Our test unit came in Royal Blue Fabric Top & Punch Red Frame

“Meets CPAI-84, NFPA-701 and CAN/ULC-S109 Fire Resistant Requirements”

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Carbon Steel Frame and Storage Dust Cover

Speed Shelter Specs

The Speed Shelter measures 8′ x 12′ and provides enough room to comfortably fit more than a few people under it. Ample room for a table and chairs makes it a great option for children’s birthday parties, family get togethers and backyard barbecues.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Speed Shelter Two Center roof support stems

The frame is made of high strength Carbon steel and provides a maximum headroom height of about 7 feet. The shelter incorporates two stems that prop the center of the cover up automatically when you erect the Speed Shelter fully. Clearance for the Valence is 6’5″. At 5’11” I’m able to clear the Valence but tend to lean over.  Inside you can stand tall even over 6 feet but you might feel a little like you’re looking into the tent as your head may rise above the carbon steel trussed cross bars.

Because of the trussed design the structure is able to maintain rigidity and flexibility without the threat of bending like a straight bar design might. The feet have 4 holes drilled through the carbon steel so you can anchor this puppy down with spikes if necessary. Weight bags and anchor spikes are available for purchase.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Setting up the Speed Shelter Experience

Ideally it is best to have a hand-truck and an extra person with you, the Speed Shelter is heavy for one person to move any substantial distance. At 58 lbs and only a polyester dust cover, if your intention is to travel with it, invest in a roller bag or rolling hard case. Prices for rolling bags range from $25.00 – $350.00

The Speed Shelter comes in two boxes, one for the steel frame and another for the commercial grade composite polyester Fabric Top. The steel frame comes assembled in one piece, there’s nothing to put together except to attach the fabric top to the steel frame. You’ll only need to run through the canopy attachment the first time. The Speed Shelter will collapse down much like an umbrella.

Attaching the fabric top to the steel frame is very easy and you can do it alone. It’s best to be on a level surface and make sure you have plenty of room cleared prior. Then expand the accordion style frame as best you can little by little. Expand it enough that it appears about halfway to it’s potential size.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

First time, one time assembly

How to

The reinforced corners on the Fabric Top and steel frame corners have Velcro to help you keep it in place. Drape the Fabric Top over the frame starting with one corner, walk your way around the steel frame and repeat. Once you have the Fabric draped over the frame, walk around again and use the bolt fasteners to attach the respective part of the Fabric Top to the steel frame. Repeat this around the shelter. There are a total of 6 bolt fasteners on the frame; two on each long side and one in the middle of each short side.

It can be done with your fingers but helps keep the top in place as you will not need to repeat this process again. Once you put the canopy on, it packs down that way so the next time you use it, you only have to expand it to erect  it.

Expanding to full area footprint

Once you have the Fabric Top secured to the Steel frame, it’s best to have at least one other person with you. With one person standing on each shorter side, place your hands below and grab the V shape and slowly expand and step backwards till the shelter reaches it’s full size.

If you are alone, you can simply use this method, inching each side larger and wider as you rotate back and forth from side to side repeating the process till you expands the shelter to it’s full size.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Canopy attached, ready to expand to full size

Locking and Raising the Speed Shelter

After you’ve expanded the unit to full size, quickly go under and lock the 4 corners by pushing upward on the frame till the locking pin sinks into it’s hole and the corner locks itself in place.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Speed Shelter Corner Locking Pin

Then standing on the short side, raise the structure with your arms tilting the shelter as much as you can, then have someone extend the legs and lock them into place. A toggle leg adjustment/lock makes it easy to expand or compact the legs.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent Review

Leg Extension Toggle Lock

Go around to the other side and raise it up, have someone extend and lock the legs. That’s it. I’ve been very descriptive but the process was simple. I was able to complete everything up to raising the height alone.

The EZ Up company offers a slew of add-on accessories to enhance the experience; Roller Bags, Sidewalls, Banners, Vendor tables, Directors Chairs, Heavy-Duty Stake Kit and weight bags.

If I had to complain about something it might be that the unit should have come with some sort of rolling bag vs the nylon storage/dust cover that is included. Without a rolling bag, it is necessary to have a hand truck with you.


The EZ Up Professional Speed Shelter is easy to operate and provides excellent shelter from the sun or rain.  Carbon Steel Frame, professional grade composite polyester Fabric Top and Truss design give strength, durability for a solid experience every time you use it. The shelter looks great and can even be printed with custom graphics of your favorite team, company logo or any custom artwork. The Speed Shelter instant tent and a winner for backyard parties and events. The Speed Shelter comes with a 7 year warranty.

EZ Up Pro Speed Shelter Instant Tent $449.00
(Carbon Steel Frame, Fabric Top and Storage Cover)



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