Brooklyn Hand Forged Carbon 6 Fiber Rings

Written by  Brian Campanelli
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Brooklyn Hand Forged Carbon 6 Fiber Rings

Brooklyn Hand Forged Carbon 6 Fiber Rings

Carbon 6 crafts contemporary handmade rings for men. The forged Carbon Fiber rings are handmade with beautifully detailed and unique patterns. The Carbon 6 rings are meticulously produced from within their small workshop.

The Carbon 6 rings are crafted with a personal attention and care that shows in it’s comfortable fit and brilliant finishes. The rings are forged with a toughness that is stronger than steel and scratch resistance that surpasses gold or silver. The company offers a full refund if it breaks within 3 years from the time you bought it. Made right here in Brooklyn NY, the Carbon 6 artisans are constantly pushing the limits of designs to bring you beautiful unique pieces.

Carbon Silver Ring

The Carbon Silver ring (shown above) features a beautiful marbled pattern that adds layers of depth when hit with light and a two-tone approach with Silver comfort fit band on it’s interior. If two-tone isn’t your style, check out the Carbon Ring, all black with marbled pattern throughout.

Brooklyn Hand Forged Carbon 6 Fiber Rings

Carbon Black Ring

The Carbon Black ring shows off it’s solid marbled black pattern all the way through to it’s interior. Part of the minimalist collection the clean design is elegant and appropriate for any attire or occasion.

Brooklyn Hand Forged Carbon 6 Fiber Rings

Carbon Lume & Halo Rings

Coachella gear? Check out the Carbon Lume ring. The Carbon Lume features a black exterior and your choice of Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise luminescent rounded interior that will glow when exposed to a black fluorescent light. The Halo Ring is a fully luminescent ring in Green, Blue or Turquoise.

Handmade in Brooklyn

The artisans at Carbon 6 hand forge the carbon fiber rings with time, quality production and lots of character. The rings also feature a more pronounced rounded comfort fit on the interior resulting in an even more comfortable fit. A lot of love clearly went into making these contemporary pieces and it shows. Check out Carbon 6 Rings made right here in Brooklyn NY.

Carbon Silver Ring $245.00
Carbon Fiber ring prices range from $125.00 – 555.00


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