Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy Nubuck

Written by  Pinstripe Writer
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Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy NubuckSamuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy Nubuck

Free? Nope they aren’t free but they’ll make you feel free! The Hubbard Free shoes in Navy Nubuck from Samuel Hubbard may just be one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Created for the active lifestyle the Samuel Hubbard Free’s will get you through virtually any Urban adventure in style.

Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy Nubuck
The Hubbard Free’s are designed with a modern casual style appropriate for the streets or casual Friday at the office as well as comfort to last you throughout your adventures. The Free’s are contoured quite well and seem to accommodate a wide foot without feeling constricting. Vibram soles and Memory-foam cushioned insoles reduce weight and work well together to provide comfort and support when you are on your feet all day.


Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy NubuckUltimate Comfort One Piece Vamp

Shoes need to look good but what good is the look if they feel bad, all it takes is one exposed seam or raised threading to irritate your feet and even cause you pain or injury. The Samuel Hubbard Free shoes are constructed with a one-piece vamp which is the front portion of your shoe, this is the area typically where I might run into a seam that just digs into the bridge of your foot and makes the shoes unwearable for me.

Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy NubuckThe Hubbard Free’s look like a shoe and fit like a sneaker with a well-contoured design that looks like a shoe and wears like a sneaker. We have received excellent feedback and plenty of compliments about the Hubbard Free’s and how nice they look.

Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy NubuckRecommended

The Free shoes work well with jeans, dockers, docker shorts for a refined and unpretentious look. Available in an array of colors in Nubuck or classic Leather finish, they’ll get you through any adventure, work or play. Great for extended excursions while your on vacation or when your heading out for Happy Hour straight from the office.

Samuel Hubbard Free Shoes in Navy Nubuck $210.00